Stormtrooper Armor!?

OMG, I just researched the coolest thing ever – you can make your own custom-fit Stormtrooper armor, and there are vast props and add-ons that you can purchase to further personalize your final creation. I think when I get back from Winnipeg, I’m gonna talk to Dennis and Happygoth to see if we can do […]

The Longest Journey

I finally finished The Longest Journey two weeks ago. I had it installed on my PC for the longest time, but I never got around to playing it until recently (thanks to Happygoth). I started playing Dreamfall last week after finishing TLJ. It was cool to revisit old places and characters from the first game.


Just watched the entire series of Kekkon Dekinai Otoko this weekend. That’s MY lifestyle! Well, minus the Japanese girls. And the weird composing. What’s up with that?

Raki Suta

I’ve gotten into Raki Suta (a.k.a. Lucky Star) hardcore. Damn you, Kyoto, for making awesome anime out of light novels! I subscribed to Comptiq a couple months ago for the 4-koma, and I just preordered the second DS game and the first volume of the anime DVD (limited edition, of course). I especially love the […]

Evil potato chips!

After work yesterday, I had a bag and a half of chips that I bought at the gas station. They made me nauseous most of the night. Damn you, evil chips! And a note to you young ones – don’t eat junk food before supper, or you will PAY FOR IT!


They’re currently tied for my most favorite J-Pop artists at the moment. Shibasaki KOU comes in 2nd, and Amuro Namie would be 3rd. KOTOKO and Nakashima Mika are still up there, even though they haven’t released anything recently that was considered ground breaking.