The one with the ode to Jula, my improbable future wife.

NSFW header of Jula from Hegre-Art featured, including source images.

The one with Elle B’s portable titties.

Proud to have Elle B from Met-Art represent the portable titties community.

The one with Mindy Main, best prawn star EVAR.

That’s right, no words required. Wait, these are words. Dammit! 以上。。。であります。

The one with Tatyana Andriyash, Russian babe of ass glory.

Tatyana Andriyash is Miss Maxim Russia, and she’s got one hell of a HOT ASS! Check out more of her pictures on Maxim UK. 以上。。。であります。

The one with Tiffany Brookes hawtness.

Here’s a link to download the [August 8, 2007] Twistys photo set of the amazingly hot Tiffany Brookes (NSFW). I’m still trying to find the photo set from the samples featured on Kindgirls. 以上。。。であります。

The one with a redhead in my PS3.

Redheads are hot. Therefore, Natalia A is hot. Hot enough for my PS3, at any rate. I love redheads. There’s just something alluring about them. Also, they are hot. This redhead here is Natalia A. She was photographed by Voronin at Met-Art (NSFW), and featured on Kindgirls (NSFW). I currently have the original picture above […]

The one with Sam Cooke and Marshmallows.

Sam Cooke is one deadly chick. Deadly at being sexy, that is! I’m not the biggest fan of blondes, but there are so many hot ones in England that even I would be inclined to favor blondes from time to time. Such is the case with Sam Cooke (NSFW). So sexy, she could melt a […]



MARIA-chan is one of my favorite HALF idols. Forty pictures of this hot babe. And she’s half French-Canadian, eh? I would plow that until next July.

The one with Hoshino Aki – sabra (2007-07)

Hoshino Aki - sabra (2007-07)

Slight rant about my stance on NSFW content on my blog, but I think the 21 images of Aki-chan will more than make up for it.

Seren Gibson


My stance on ginormous boobs. My gawds, she did say DD (and I don’t mean the one that drives you home when you’re absolutely sloshed)! >_<