Page 05

Story and Art by: Heihachi Y Well, I never intended it, but today’s HIOS Life page ended with a rather enigmatic climax. And today’s page didn’t answer the last page’s question either. Don’t worry, all will be revealed, and that will be the beginning of the madness!

Page 04

Story and Art by: Heihachi Y The plot is thickening so much in HIOS Life, that you can cut it with a machete! No other weapon will do. Just who is this new guy? Why is Heihachi so surprised to hear his name? Have they met somewhere else before? Will he be a regular character […]

Page 03

Story and Art by: Heihachi Y Well, according to the Online Manga, HIOS Life, it looks as though the future seems bleak for Hidetoshi and I, let alone HIOS. But, don’t worry. Making fun of the future and seeing what will really happen is going to be a blast. And you’ll hear it all right […]

Page 02

Story and Art by: Heihachi Y So, the plot thickens in this latest page of the Online Manga. You’re probably wondering why the hell it’s the future now. Well …I decided to take a look at what COULD happen in a desolate HIOS future. Well …maybe it’s not all that bad. Besides, doesn’t this account […]

Page 01

Story and Art by: Heihachi Y Updates, updates. Yes, I updated the Online Manga. Yes, I know, there’s not much in the way of the storyline right now, but the characters are quaintly introduced. (^_^) The next page will be far more interesting, though. I promise that this manga won’t be like syndicated comics, where […]

Manga Page #1 – Psycho Sensei Math-san.

This manga takes the characters from Math-sensei and puts them into some semblance of a storyline. I’ve still yet to grasp the manga elements, but as you can see, I’ve made use of the demon head. ^_^