Has anybody played the PSP game, Yuusha 30? It’s a fun game, and can easily be done in small doses. Not that it’s a super easy game either, but I digress. If you haven’t picked up the soundtrack, now would be a good time to do so, because I’ve just added the romaji to VGMdb! […]

Gackt – No Ni Saku Hana No You Ni

Details, review, and download inside. Read or Gackt will become unpretty!


ANNA TSUCHIYA inspi’ NANA (BLACK STONES) – LUCY (CD+DVD) Another week, another J-Media post. This time around, I have Tsuchiya ANNA’s latest single, LUCY. It’s not a bad single, but not as good as her previous single, Kuroi Namida. I still liked it enough to buy it, though. Some of her songs have a style […]

Amuro Namie – Baby Don’t Cry

Amuro Namie – Baby Don’t Cry (CD+DVD) This is actually the second part of my two-part Japanese Media release for this week. I missed posting last week’s, so I’m posting them both today, but in separate entries to make them easier to search for in the future. So, if you’re only viewing my entries one […]

OLIVIA – The Cloudy Dreamer

OLIVIA – The Cloudy Dreamer (CD+DVD) Welcome to another Japanese Media post! Now that I have a MacBook, I decided to be a little Mac OS X friendly, so I changed the archive type to ZIP format instead of RAR. So, the only change is that you can either use the native Windows/Mac OS X […]


ANNA TSUCHIYA inspi’ NANA (BLACK STONES) – 黒い涙 You are looking at the very first official Japanese Media post with direct download! Mind you, I’m cheating a little bit and using MegaUpload to host my files, but you get the idea. So, the concept is very simple. The link is above – click on it […]

sabra Super extra DVD 47.

Yes, it’s that time once again. I’m really surprised by the popularity of my sabra DVD uploads on YouTube. I mean, seriously, I get a handful of new subscribers everyday! Sex really does sell. But nobody cares about my blog anyway. *sigh* U_U Anyway, I didn’t like the way YouTube handled the AC3 audio in […]

sabra Super extra DVD 46.

Before you start to ask, yes, I did receive the previous issue with DVD 45. The problem was, instead of including their usual content, they filled it with full-hair nudes and simulated sex clips of the amazing Handa Sasa. Handa Sasa was a chaku-ero idol who, to the sudden shock of all her fans, made […]

sabra Super extra DVD 44.

Another issue of sabra came in the mail today – that means four more gravure videos for my lucky readers (and once the new Mitake is up and running, I can post my favorite scans from the magazine). Ogura Yuko Ishii Meguru Nagasawa Nao Matsushima Hatsune Magazine scans to come later… 02/21/2012 EDIT: Downloads disabled […]

sabra Super extra DVD 43.

Got the latest sabra in the mail today. Ripped the four featured girls on the DVD, and I’ll be posting pics of the magazine later, because the sexy race queen, Matsumoto Sayuki, makes a gravure appearance. Ookubo Mariko X Aizawa Hitomi Suzuki Akane Nagasaki Rina Kitamura Hitomi I’ll update this part later when I get […]