Organic Sweater.

Since I don’t plan to get married or have kids, Mom asked me if she could pass on one of my childhood sweaters to some lucky kid. When I was really young, Mom knitted me this very intricate dinosaur sweater – it had more than one dinosaur, and they were all over the sweater. It’s too bad it doesn’t fit me now, she’s a bit down about having to give it away. I wondered out loud, what would it be like to have an organic sweater? Can you imagine it? A living sweater that grows with you as you age, and all you have to do is feed it water and give it a bit of sunlight or something. Or even better, it eats bugs and you can wear it around in the summer. But then… what if it’s not bugs that it eats, but just flesh in general? Hmm. Maybe an organic sweater might not be the best idea after all.

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