Amii Grove – FHM Wallpapers

Amii Grove - FHM Wallpapers

Welcome to my very first Eye Candy post! As promised, I’ve decided to bring back the random pictures of girls (anime or Brit, whatever), and I finally found a way got off my lazy ass to do it. Well, I won’t mince words any further. You’re here for the pictures and that’s what I’m here to deliver!

This little delight is Amii Grove, a truly fit babe from GB. Blonde locks and big waps, all in one delectable package. She’s no Vikki Blows, but she’s damn near close. NSFW link ahead.

Amii Grove - FHM Wallpaper 01 Amii Grove - FHM Wallpaper 02
Amii Grove - FHM Wallpaper 03 Amii Grove - FHM Wallpaper 04

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