Caprice A – Kirsos by Luca Helios

Caprice A - Kirsos by Luca Helios

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Happy (late) April Fool’s Day!

Fortunately, I have no tricks up my sleeve this year. I do, however, have a favorite free gallery to share with you. Met-Art gives us fan-favorite, Caprice A, in Luca Helios’ Kirsos photo set this time, where she wears an already provocative red tank top and a white miniskirt to remove for our viewing pleasure.


The red tank in question is actually an interesting piece; there’s a bikini-style hoop in the chest area with slits running from said hoop along both sides of her torso towards the back; the front is decorated with silvery adornments (they may be beads or stones, but I didn’t get a closer look). By the time she’s nude, all she’s wearing is a set of matching silver in the forms of a necklace, bracelet, and ring. Whether these are Caprice’s personal items or not is really up to question.


The setting is outdoors on a cushioned bench that’s sort of limey-yellow and placed onto stonework. You can see the forest in the background and it may very well be somebody’s backyard porch or some kind of designer’s public setting. Whoever designed the cushion on top of the stone bench definitely had a good sense of functionality and design, because not only does it make such seating comfortable, it also looks good.

The Model

While Met-Art normally likes to use make-up with an emphasis on natural skin tone colors, the make-up artist decided to deepen her mascara and eyeshadow just a touch with a sort of deep pink lip color. Moving down to her nether region, she’s shaved her pubes into a landing strip with a gradient towards her naval, but overall it’s barely there. I’m used to seeing her on Hegre-Art these days with a completely shaved snatch, so seeing some work put into that area hints that she’s possibly a meticulous groomer. Caprice is currently the top #1 model on Met-Art.

Caprice A - Kirsos by Luca Helios - Photo 2

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Especially with the make-up, certain shots of Caprice’s face remind me of Sarah Lancaster, who played Ellie Woodcomb (née Bartowski) in NBC’s recently departed TV show, Chuck. I do highly recommend the show, but I digress. Caprice does exude a bit of that sexy oneesan charm in this set, so if you like that kind of thing, this set is right up your alley.

Final Thoughts

This photo set itself had a very nice setting with an interesting contrast in color between the cushion and the trees. I’m not really a super fan of Caprice, but I do find her above average than most other models. Her popularity across nude art sites reinforces her staying power, so I expect her to be in the nude art circuit for quite some time to come.

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