Malena Morgan – Ebneo by Jason Self

Malena Morgan - Ebneo by Jason Self - Photo 1

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I’m going to try and post a little more often, even if it’s a geeky review of art nudes. Is that even possible? There aren’t a lot of guys out there like me who appreciate the complete art side of nude photography, so be prepared to read a complete deconstruction of the entire photo set. If you’re just here for the pretty pictures, you can always just skip to the end and click on the link. I won’t begrudge you. ^_^


Malena is “dressed” in a black silk bra with matching lace panties and stockings. Black high heels complete the package. Dual black and silver bracelets adorn her left wrist, and she doesn’t appear to be sporting any finger accessories. This might mean she’s unmarried, so any guys who personally know her and think they have a shot at this beauty should take it!


A house is the focal point of this photoshoot; specifically an open, spiral staircase of delicately designed wood and possibly bronzed metal, although it’s hard to tell in the resolution given to us. The stairs themselves have been finished with wood and covered by what appears to be an orangey brown mesh rug over top of a cloth pad. In certain shots where she has to rest her knee on the surface, you can clearly see her using a beige-brown cushion, which slightly matches the pad. Speaking of matching, the mesh rug matches the wood finish of the staircase. In the background, you can see a similarly finished door with matching trim, a white trimmed window with matching white baseboard along the floor’s edge (which is wood finished in bright brown), and skin tone yellowish walls. This house adopts both a classic and modern design in its architecture.

The Model

They kept it simple and used a black eyeliner to accent her greyish-blue eyes and a red lip color that borders on neutral and muted. Her hair flows freely to frame her face, so we don’t get a good view of her ears. Her nose is quite long, but doesn’t detract from the overall beauty of her face, and I especially love the shots with her jaw closed and lips slightly open to give off a bit of a bad girl expression. Her breasts are small by society’s standards these days, but can be quite a handful if you were to cup them, so I find them just the perfect size for my tastes. You can tell they are slightly less tanned than the rest of her body, so she probably only just started nude modeling recently. Jason Self made sure she mostly stands posed with her hips pointed outwards, so you always get fooled at how curvy she actually isn’t, but the effect is stunning nonetheless and she does have a nice bum. Her pussy is completely shaved, so she’s a no-nonsense groomer who possibly waxes, and her lips are puffy and outwards (which is my preference), and quite a thing of beauty. I don’t know if the make-up artist does anything extra to her skin tone, but it does seem to blend into the overall setting. If this isn’t the case, she’s definitely not pasty white and I like that she has some color to her. At the time of writing, Malena is the top 2nd model on Met-Art.

Malena Morgan - Ebneo by Jason Self - Photo 2

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She doesn’t particularly remind me of anybody yet, but that’s mostly because she’s still new to me. There are some angles where I get a glimpse into almost recognizing another face, but I can’t place the person. She does have a very mature face and while she doesn’t smile anything more than demurely, I like every angle and expression so far.

Final Thoughts

This was a very earthy and organic gallery for an indoor shoot and the photographer was very particular about the monochromatic brown color scheme. Jason Self has put out a few sets with Met-Art, so I’m starting to become more familiar with his style. The model is very leggy and not top-heavy when you see a full body shot, but it all seems to balance out with her many curls of hair. She’s very attractive in a mature way, and the staircase was a very nice touch. The shot with the cushion under her knee seemed out of place, but didn’t detract from the overall package.

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