SexArt from MET-ART.

SexArt from MET-ART.

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It looks like the creative force behind MET-ART has decided to move forward with eroticism using their unique style and tasteful aesthetic. As they describe it, it’s “high tech hardcore meets high art.”

Now, this isn’t actually anything new when compared to X-Art, but what I find very interesting is their introduction of erotic web series starting with Kamikaze Love and erotic documentary Girls Love Sex. Check out the trailer videos and you won’t be disappointed. They’re even producing an erotic music video with original music with ArtRock. Is my interest piqued? Yes! I already see top MET-ART models, Malena Morgan and Caprice, on the roster so this site is definitely not going to compromise in terms of model quality.

I’m excited to see what’s next from this project in the coming months.

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