The one with a redhead in my PS3.

Redheads are hot. Therefore, Natalia A is hot. Hot enough for my PS3, at any rate.

Natalia A (from Met-Art)

I love redheads. There’s just something alluring about them. Also, they are hot. This redhead here is Natalia A. She was photographed by Voronin at Met-Art (NSFW), and featured on Kindgirls (NSFW). I currently have the original picture above as my PS3’s wallpaper. Her hair almost looks colored or enhanced in color, but she’s quite possibly a natural redhead. Some of the other pictures prove that fact, but my eyes may also be playing tricks on me.

Either way, she’s naked and she’s hot.


UPDATE 10/12: Natalia A’s Met-Art link added! I also couldn’t resist and added her as my PC’s wallpaper.

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