The one with the ode to Jula, my improbable future wife.

Header - Jula (Shiny)

I wanted to post this header as part of my random header list, but since it has NSFW content, I refrained from doing so, to keep the NSFW haters happy. Some people may not want to find NSFW content by accident, so I decided to keep my front page clean and the NSFW content separated. Anyway, I digress.

The beauty in this header is Jula, a model featured on Petter Hegre’s website, I am in love with Jula and want her to sire many of my illegitimate children, but alas, so do many of her other rabid fans. Fortunately, I’m content with just admiring her beauty (and boobies, and booty).

Just to be a nice guy, here are the photos I used for the header.

I could have posted full nudes, but I’ll wait for another entry.


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