Welcome to the FAQ page. I created this page to help answer some of the things people have asked in the past. This page also tracks entries on my blog that are considered FAQ-worthy. So, without further ado, read on.

Q: What are these block symbols in your blog?
A: These “block symbols” you’re referring to is your operating system’s inability to display Japanese. You will need to install Japanese (or Asian) fonts in order to view the Japanese properly. However, it’s not necessary, especially if you don’t even read Japanese in the first place. If you really want to know the exact process, I might write a tutorial, but for now, look it up on Google. Lots of people have already documented the process.

Q: Why do you love Japan so much?
A: The obsession began when I was a young pup back in 1986, on a family vacation to my parents’ home country of Malaysia, and we had a stopover in Tokyo. I was so amazed at the way Japan looked that I wanted to know more about it. I guess it just escalated this far.

Q: Are you single?
A: Yes. Why are you asking me this? It’s kind of a personal question, right?

Q: I’m starting to get into Japanese music. Who are some good artists?
A: Honestly, it’s all a matter of taste. Everybody loves different things, and Japan is just starting to branch out into other genres of music never heard before over there. I like the acoustic sound from YUI, the bluesy jazz from Nakashima Mika (before she went all gospel-y), the heavy metal grunts of D’espairsRay, Kuribayashi Minami’s classic anime sound, the goth-thrash of OLIVIA, the sexy R&B of CRYSTAL KAY (who isn’t even Japanese), and even the mainstream pop from Hamasaki Ayumi. So, really, you need to listen to a lot of J-Pop before you find your absolute favorites.

Q: Could you send me videos of XX idol that you talked about recently?
A: If I sent one to you, I’d have to send one to everyone else. Okay, seriously, I get this question a lot, and the answer is no. Please support the idol by buying her videos. These girls bare their souls (and boobs) to make a living.

Q: Where can I buy Japanese pop culture media?
A: I like to shop from places like Yesasia, Amazon Japan, J-List, Hobby Search, and Neowing. What it all comes down to is finding a store you really like shopping from, and having a backup plan if they don’t have something in stock anymore. Sadly, Japanese companies are notorious for producing single runs of merchandise and slapping a limited edition sticker on them, so in this hobby, there’s no room for hesitation; pre-order it if you want it, and pray that you have enough in your credit card to do so. Or you could just not care and only buy what’s available. Sometimes, you can’t help it when something goes out of print. On the flip side, if something sells out and is popular enough, it may become available at a later date (sometimes much later).

Q: Don’t you ever get broke from buying Japanese media?
A: A few years ago, the key phrase here was, “constantly in debt”. However, I don’t buy as much as i used to. After many years of buying this stuff, I know what I like and what I don’t like, so I only buy what I really love (and even then, I budget myself strictly so that I’m not overspending).

Q: Do you want Rolexx, Cialixss, or Viagxra cheap??
A: For frak’s sake, stop spamming me.

Q: Can you see this? You could win national lottery!
A: I said, stop spamming me.

Q: I like swords.
: So do I, but that wasn’t a question.

Q: Do you think we’ll ever be rid of spam?
A: No, because we still haven’t gotten rid of junk mail and flyers from our mailboxes. Even if you put a sign, there’s always somebody out there who’s illiterate or ignorant. Or both.

Q: Why did you stop buying Japanese media like a boss?
A: Because I grew up. Having all that junk lying around the home was just sad. Otaku that mass-collect are overcompensating for something lacking in their lives. It’s fine to buy and support what you like, but if you’re overdoing it, you should go out into the world and find out what you’re missing instead! I don’t know; I’m not a psychologist.

Q: Can you do me a favor and put this question at the bottom of your FAQ?
A: I don’t know why, but okay.

If your question wasn’t answered in this FAQ, leave a comment on a relevant entry and I will answer as promptly as I can.