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Mamoru Ishida sat in his computer class, feeling quite bored. He was wearing a pair of black jeans and a Linux t-shirt. His long, black hair was hanging down over his face, and he pulled it back with his hands, sighing in absolute boredom. He was in his second year of Grade 12, because he failed the first year miserably. His parents would surely kick him out if he didn't take school serious and get on to college. But, the problem was, he didn't even want to try. He hated school. All he wanted to do was sit in his room at home and program all day long. He saw no real point of going on to college, which was also why he didn't want to try studying. He saw no reason to do so. He dropped his hands, letting his hair fall back down to cover his face. He hated his hair. Everybody thought he looked cool with long hair, especially hair this long. His hair was so unmanageable and he usually had it bound. But today, he felt lazy and didn't want to tie it up. He sighed, staring at the computer in front of him. At least this was something he could do that was easy. He tapped away at the keyboard, his fingers flying over the keys at light speed. All of the students envied his speed at keyboarding, but he was lousy at everything else. Everything he did had to relate back to computers. When he tried his hand at sports, he ended up as the scorekeeper, and he wrote the program code for the scoreboard to automatically add points to the scores, then reset when the time ran out on the game. The school even paid him for it. He also helped to set up the computer networks in the library and in this classroom, and then set up intranetworks a week afterward. He typed in the network access command and accessed the main server after deleting the password file. He smiled wickedly, rebooting the server, knowing that everybody was using shared applications. All of the computers in the classroom beeped simultaneously, warning people about lost work, shutting down, broken network connections, and various other errors. He tried his best to keep from laughing out loud, but everybody had already suspected him as soon as the crash happened. The teacher loomed up from behind his monitor, and she cleared her throat. He looked up sheepishly, saw the look on her straight face, and broke out in uncontrollable laughter. She made a smirk, and she was soon joining him.

Mamoru: Sumimasen, Honda-sensei. It was so boring, I had to do something...
Teacher (Honda-sensei): Well, sorry or not, you hacked the computer network and deliberately turned it off. You broke the school policy, Mamoru-san.
Mamoru: I know. You can arrest me now.

He held out his hands in defeat and she grabbed his wrist, dragging him out of the classroom to the principal's office. The students began to engage in conversation.

Student #1: That Mamoru's a jerk. I lost all my work just now!
Student #2: We should beat him up.
Student #3: Better not. I heard he was gay. He might take it the wrong way!

They began to laugh among themselves as Mamoru caught exactly what they said. He promised himself his revenge. They'd lose more than just their files when he was through with them.

The students shifted in their chairs uncomfortably as the teacher smiled at them, almost sinisterly. All the students simultaneously thought that this was a bad day to attend Takezaki High School, especially today. They all gasped when the teacher pulled out a small stack of papers from her desk.

Teacher: (In a demonic voice.) <<Each of you students shall stand up and pick up these test papers in a single, organized line. Heh heh heh... welcome to hell.>>

The teacher broke out in insane giggles as the students looked at each other, sweat drops on their heads.

Male Student #1: Another test?
Female Student #1: This is the third one this week!

In the far corner of the classroom, a female student was looking out of the window. She was dressed in a mini t-shirt with some jean shorts. Her orange hair hung around her face with a scrunchie on her wrist. She was slumped against her hand, seeing the birds fly past the window two floors up.

Teacher: <<This is no time to be daydreaming, Hitomi-san!! GET YOUR TEST!!>>
Hitomi (Female Student): Sure, whatever you say, Takeda-sensei.

Her name was Hitomi Sakimura. She was already hating her new teachers in this second semester of school, but she was glad that the first semester passed by fast. Unfortunately, the second semester was crawling by like a snail stuck on glue. She was an outcast from the rest of the class... heck, the rest of the school! Ever since her arrival here from the Noshimo district, she had been treated with disdain. Her father was recently transferred from the engineering branch in Noshimo to the one here in Takezaki. Unfortunately, it meant leaving behind all her friends. She called them and hung out with them once in a while, but ever since that city-wide volleyball tournament, it was obvious that she was no longer accepted as a Noshimo familiar.

Hitomi: [Oh, well... at least I live in a bigger house.] (Smirks.) [Yeah, right. As if THAT'S any consolation.]

She sighed, got up, and was careful not to look at anybody as she approached the desk. The teacher handed her the test, and she took it, heading back to her seat. The test was extremely easy for her, but she didn't feel like doing it, so she doodled on it, answering all the questions that didn't require thinking, and then she sat there, her pencil tapping against the desk. She looked around the class, her hair still getting in the way of her face, but not enough that she couldn't see. She sighed again, glancing at the handsome Japanese guy sitting across the room from her. She had hoped that Kenji would approach her, but he would ignore her just like everybody else. He was also the most popular guy in the school. She made a face, and turned back to her test, suddenly getting some determination. She'd show them. She'd show them all. She finished the rest of the long questions in ten minutes, and checked them over twice to make sure. She had to admit that she was slow with twenty questions, but she also stopped working hard when she arrived in Takezaki. She smiled defiantly, ready to surprise the teacher... any of the Takezaki high school teachers... for the first time. She wrote her name on the test, got up, and handed it in. Everybody was still writing furiously, scratching their heads in confusion at the questions. Takeda-sensei looked up and smiled in triumph at her.

Takeda-sensei: <<Giving up a little early, Hitomi-san? I knew you would never get anything right on this test. After all, you've failed every test I gave you, and this is the toughest test of the entire semester! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA... !!>>
Hitomi: (Interrupting.) Actually, I'd like you to mark it NOW.
Takeda-sensei: <<Eh?! So eager to embarrass yourself in front of the entire class? Alright, then!>> (Pulls out her red marker.) <<Let's see... correct... correct... correct? Three in a row already, huh? You just got lucky this time!>>
Hitomi: I highly doubt that.

Takeda-sensei continued to mark the test, getting only correct answers. By now, all of the students had looked up and took notice of what was happening. They were shocked to notice that Takeda-sensei had lost her demonic voice.

Takeda-sensei: I don't believe it! You got a perfect mark!
Students: PERFECT?! SHIMATTA!! (Everybody falls over.)
Takeda-sensei: Well! This is certainly a surprise! Hitomi-san, why haven't you been doing this well for so long? You unquestionably have a lot of potential in you!
Hitomi: I just didn't feel like it.
Takeda-sensei: I guess there's actually some hope in you students yet!

Various voices were heard murmuring throughout the classroom.

Student #1: Did you see that?
Student #2: Takeda-sensei is back to her normal self!

Hitomi smiled proudly, but she still had her face covered by her hair, so nobody saw it. She looked at Kenji, who caught her glance and laughed amusingly. He turned immediately to the guys surrounding him.

Kenji: Guys, that Noshimo-reject girl looked at me.

The group of guys broke out in taunting laughter, and Hitomi immediately felt hurt from their taunting and angry from their bashing of her previous school. She wanted both to get away and to beat the crap out of the laughing idiots. She clenched her fists in anger, raising them menacingly as flames surrounded her, but she felt a hand on her shoulder, and the flames went out.

Takeda-sensei: Don't let them get to you, Hitomi-san. You're a lot smarter than any of them. They're just a bunch of juvenile jocks, and you certainly deserve better.

Hitomi's eyes widened in surprise, tears beginning to well up in them.

Hitomi: Takeda-sensei... arigatou...
Takeda-sensei: (Nodding and smiling.) Take your things. Leave this class and go relax someplace. You've earned it for today.
Hitomi: Hai.

She went to her desk and gathered her things into her backpack. She saw that the class was still laughing at her, but she ignored it, walking out of the classroom and waving good-bye to Takeda-sensei, who waved back.

Takeda-sensei: Alright class... <<... Damaru!! Finish your tests!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!>>

The students stopped laughing and dropped to the floor in comatose.

Takeda-sensei: <<Heh heh heh... foolish students...>>

Ranzo Heike wondered - at which point in his life was he driven into hell? The black-haired Japanese teen glared at his friend, Junichi Watanabe. Junichi had brown hair, unlike most of the Japanese students in Takezaki. Ranzo knew that Junichi's mother was a brunette, which would explain the hair color, but Junichi's blue eyes were a different story altogether. It wasn't as if Ranzo's eyes were grey, at least they were hereditary, but none of the Watanabe family members had blue eyes. Ranzo suddenly realized that his mind had drifted just slightly off topic. Junichi had just teased Ranzo about not having a date for the prom. And he was right. Ranzo wasn't exactly what most people would call, a hunk. He was just above average and would be a most eligible prom date for many eager girls, except that his reputation had long since been tarnished because of a little oddity that happened with the last girl he dated back in Junior High. He was very quiet during the date, and very shy too. Too shy that he had ignored the girl throughout the date and avoided her good-night kiss. The word had spread throughout Junior High that he was a lousy, boring date. That didn't even concern him one bit at the time... at least until now. Junichi backed up and held his hands up in surrender, smiling weakly.

Junichi: Hey, I was only kidding around with you, Ranzo. Besides, I don't even have a date myself.
Ranzo: (Smiling.) Oh, well. I'm sure you can get one real quick. After all, you ARE the school hunk among the girls.
Junichi: (Laughs.) Ha! Easy for you to say! Now that the girls around here know about my strategies...
Ranzo: (Grinning.) You mean, using them and leaving them?
Junichi: I don't really like to use that ugly classification. I'd prefer to call it, sharing myself with those less fortunate than others.
Ranzo: Whatever. (Chuckles.)
Junichi: Well, enough of that. Is there anybody you like in particular?
Ranzo: Well, there's... her. (Blushes.)
Junichi: Ah, yes. Sweet Mitsune. I think she's got the hots for you too, man.
Ranzo: (Tastelessly.) Real funny, Junichi. She's one of the girls who teased me all the time in Junior High, making fun of me and all that.
Junichi: Hey, stop living in the past. Four years have passed since then. She's changed... and for the better.

Ranzo knew exactly what Junichi was talking about. Mitsune Kazano had been a skinny girl with braces who had one of those high-pitched voices that annoyed the hell out of people. Now, she had a voluptuous body with a sensuous singing voice that could make a grown man cry. She HAD changed. She hadn't talked to Ranzo for those four years, mostly because she had too many friends. But, Mitsune's older sister, Hikaru, had become one of Ranzo's best friends. In truth, he never did like Mitsune, even though she had changed in appearance, but after hearing about what kind of a person she was from Hikaru, his feelings for Mitsune changed. He was more of a personality-girl person than an attractive-girl person.

Ranzo: Yeah, she treats me nice now.
Junichi: Who cares about that?! She's got a hell of a bod!
Ranzo: You're sick. (Closes his locker and walks away with Junichi behind him.)
Junichi: Hey, it's true, whether you deny it or not. EVERY guy in this school stares at her. You must stare at her a lot.
Ranzo: I won't deny that I do. But, she's also piqued my interest in her intellectually.
Junichi: Yeah, right. You just want a piece of that ass.
Ranzo: (Threateningly.) Junichi...
Junichi: I was only fooling, okay? Geez, can't even take a joke...
Ranzo: Look, this really doesn't help me with my problem of getting a date for the prom. Heck, I don't even have a girlfriend!
Junichi: So, what you're saying is, I should get us some girlfriends before prom to avoid the embarrassment of asking them to it?
Ranzo: NO!!

His eyes suddenly lit up as what Junichi said finally sinked in.

Ranzo: YES!! That's a great idea, Junichi!

All the groups of girls around Ranzo looked up from their conversations and stared at him uncomfortably.

Junichi: Uh, better calm down there, bud. (Pulls him out of the school.) So, you really think it was a good idea?
Ranzo: Of course. We get some girlfriends... if I can... and then we ask them out! After all, we've got a whole two months to worry about prom. Girlfriends make the perfect failsafe prom dates... but what about you? Why do you want a girlfriend? Don't you enjoy life as a junior playboy?
Junichi: Nah, I've lived that life long enough... I actually do want to settle down. And besides, I can also help you out with Mitsune at the same time.
Ranzo: Oh no, that's not the girl you had in mind, did you?
Junichi: Of course it was!
Ranzo: Gee, I don't know about her, Junichi...
Junichi: Hey, I'll get her for you, even if it's the last thing I do.
Ranzo: Heh heh... you really don't have to do that for me, Junichi...
Junichi: Sure I do. That's what friends are for.
Ranzo: [Great. My "friend" is gonna embarrass me after this whole ordeal...]

Takayuki Hotei couldn't believe his ears. He blinked twice to try to convince himself that it was a dream. It wasn't. The news was so shocking, that he almost had trouble standing. Takayuki had blonde hair with black roots, and dark brown eyes. He was wearing a pair of white slacks and a form-fitting black t-shirt. Finally, after a moment of silence, he spoke up.

Takayuki: What? Run that by me again?
Blue-Haired Girl: I said, Mamoru got caught for hacking his own network.
Takayuki: You're shitting me! This can't be real, Mitsune!
Mitsune (Blue-Haired Girl): It IS real, whether you believe it or not!
Takayuki: But... he's elite! He can't get caught!
Mitsune: That's what I said when I heard the news. But it's true.
Takayuki: Chikusho! (Slams the wall with his fist.) This is bullshit!

He paced around in anger, as Mitsune tried to calm him down with soothing words. Finally, she gave up and stood there patiently with her arms crossed over her chest. The action pressed her cleavage inwards, showing a generous amount above the collar of her racy t-shirt. Her long, blue hair flowed across her shoulders as her beautiful face expressed a calmness that Takayuki couldn't stand seeing. They had dated once before, but they decided just to be friends instead. Besides, Mitsune had her eyes on another guy. Placing a hand against the wall beside her head, Takayuki smiled down at her as she looked up and grinned.

Takayuki: Let's go visit our bud. If I know his parents well enough, he's been grounded to his room where he has access to his fiber-optic connected network and hundreds of video games. Sheesh. I WISH my parents were that nice!
Mitsune: No sense in moping around. Let's go.
Takayuki: Oh, wait. I suddenly remembered... I have a prior engagement.
Mitsune: Oh? Is it even more important than our own best friend?
Takayuki: Sorta. Remember what Akira did to me in gym class?
Mitsune: Yeah. (Starts giggling uncontrollably, and then stops.) Sorry.
Takayuki: Well, I've got the perfect revenge against him!
Mitsune: Ooh, revenge!
Takayuki: Check it. He's in the avenue for a new girlfriend, right? And I happen to know one.
Mitsune: (Backing away with widened eyes.) No way! I'm not... !
Takayuki: Not you, dummy! I'm talking about a freshman girl.
Mitsune: Freshman girl? But Akira hates... (Realization sweeps across her face.) Oh, I get it! You're gonna set him up with a freshman girl!
Takayuki: (Snaps his fingers.) Exactly! Then, I'm gonna take pictures to submit to the yearbook.
Mitsune: I like it. But, who's the unlucky girl?
Takayuki: (Shrugs.) Eh, just someone. A nobody.
Mitsune: You'd better hope so. If she has tons of friends, you could get in trouble.
Takayuki: And I'm so sure you'll back me up. (Ruffles her hair.) Go to Mamoru's without me. I'll be there later.
Mitsune: (Excitedly.) Okay. (Rushes off.)

Takayuki walked up to Hitomi, who was at her locker. Hiding back his grin, he walked up to her and got his face promptly mashed into the locker door as it opened.

Hitomi: Oops! Takayuki!
Takayuki: Oww. (Rubs his nose.) Konnichi wa, Hitomi. Daijobu desu ka?
Hitomi: Daijobu desu. But, what about you? Did I hurt you badly?
Takayuki: Nah, I'll live. So, ready for that big date of yours?
Hitomi: I guess so. I've never really had a blind date before. Hmm... come to think of it, I haven't had a date here in Takezaki yet! (Chuckles.)
Takayuki: Well, you'll like him. He's the captain of the Takezaki football team, and...
Hitomi: A jock, Takayuki?! You know I hate jocks!
Takayuki: I know, but he's different, though. Just give him a chance.
Hitomi: Well... okay.
Takayuki: Good. You ready to go?
Hitomi: Yeah. Akira was his name, right?
Takayuki: You got her, babe.

She smirked at the comment, and then she grabbed a hairband, pulling her hair back from her face.

Takayuki: Holy shit! I tell ya, Hitomi. You're a real looker. I'd grab you myself if it wasn't for the fact that my... uhh... friend... is in need.
Hitomi: (Grins.) Arigatou.
Takayuki: Now, come on! Put your books in your locker and let's go!
Hitomi: What's the hurry?
Takayuki: Well, I gotta go visit my other friend first. Just a quick, friendly consolation, and then we'll be off to meet Akira at his place!
Hitomi: A consolation? What happened to your other friend?
Takayuki: Oh, he got the pink slip for this Saturday.
Hitomi: The pink slip?
Takayuki: Yeah, for hacking...
Hitomi: Well, he's not very good at hacking, I can tell you that much.
Takayuki: Excuse me? You are insulting a master! He slides in and out of a system without letting anybody know he was ever there in the first place! He NEVER gets caught...
Hitomi: Then why did he get caught?

Silence followed for a moment.

Takayuki: (Scratches his head.) Y'know, that's why I wanna visit him. To find out why.
Hitomi: Well... if he's really as good as you say he is... maybe I'll tag along...
Takayuki: Lemme guess. You're a hacker too?
Hitomi: Oh, no! I wish I was... but I don't really know about that stuff. I know my computer hardware, and I can do computer graphics.
Takayuki: Graphics? Like what?
Hitomi: Rendering. Polygonal. But my real specialty is NURBS.
Takayuki: (Nodding his head.) NURBS? I'm impressed.
Hitomi: Don't be. I'm still no hacker.
Takayuki: Yeah... but you could be, with the right training.

Ranzo and Junichi stared at Mitsune running out of the school. Her round breasts jostled up and down as she made distance, making both Junichi and Ranzo drool in lust. Then, Junichi pointed at Ranzo and grinned.

Junichi: Ah-ha! I knew it! You ARE a regular guy underneath!
Ranzo: Oh, shut up. I wasn't drooling at her breasts... err, I mean...
Junichi: Give it up, man. You love her bod.
Ranzo: (Sighs.) Yeah, I love her bod. Now you've made me want to go and hide in the last ounce of decency left in my body.
Junichi: Go hide with Mitsune. I bet she can get rid of the rest of that decency.
Ranzo: Shut up, already.
Junichi: Okay.

A girl with shoulder-length, dark-blue hair walked up to the two guys. She was also very buxom, but she wore very tasteful clothes and had little make-up on.

Ranzo: Hikaru, what took you so long?
Hikaru: Sorry, guys. I was on the Net in the library, and the time passed by so quickly.
Junichi: (Grinning.) I know how THAT gets, Psi-Fi5.
Hikaru: Hey! Keep it down, Junichi, or else others might find out my handle!
Junichi: I was just teasing, Hikaru. No big deal. Nobody's around.
Hikaru: You'd better hope so. Anyway, was that my sister I saw running down the parking lot?
Junichi: Yep, breasts and all.
Hikaru: (Sighs.) Hentai.
Ranzo: (Blushes.) I wonder why she was in such a hurry.
Hikaru: (Teasing.) She was probably giving you a show, Ranzo.
Ranzo: (Groans.) Not you too, Hikaru!
Hikaru: I'm only kidding, Ranzo! Sheesh!
Ranzo: EVERYBODY loves to tease me.
Junichi: We're just helping, Ranzo.
Ranzo: To make my life miserable, right?
Junichi: (Laughs heartily.) That was a good one, bud!
Ranzo: (Smirks.) I know.
Junichi: So, Hikaru. How's the newest book coming along?
Hikaru: Smoothly. I'm still getting waves of inspiration.
Ranzo: That last book was cool, though. I can't wait to read the new one you're writing!
Hikaru: I'll probably be finished in another month.
Ranzo: Wow, that's sure fast!
Junichi: You should really get them published, Hikaru.
Hikaru: I might, but not so soon. I wanna wait until I'm finished at least ten books.
Junichi: Ten? Cool. This one is your ninth one, right?
Hikaru: Yeah, so only one more after this.

Behind the trio, the school doors opened up and Hitomi walked out with Takayuki behind her. Soon, they walked side-by-side and passed by the three other friends.

Takayuki: You'll like Mamoru. He's a little bit egotistical at times, though, and very opinionated, but he's cool...
Hitomi: Egotistical? In what way...?

The voices faded as they continued to walked out of the school grounds.

Ranzo: Say, isn't that one of Mitsune's friends?
Hikaru: Yeah, Takayuki Hotei. I heard he was a real jerk. Always bragging about his best friend, Mamoru. Sheesh.
Junichi: Mamoru? The guy who set up those networks?
Ranzo: I talked to him once. He's real conceited. Thinks he knows it all about computers. Acted as if I didn't know what I was talking about. What a jerk.
Junichi: Heh. Too bad he's no elite hacker like us, Ranzo.
Ranzo: Yeah, but at least we're modest about it. Not like we'd go and say it out to the world.
Junichi: I'd like to beat that Mamoru jerk up, just to teach him a lesson.
Hikaru: I don't know, Junichi. I've seen him around. He's actually kinda cute.
Junichi: CUTE?! That jerk?!
Hikaru: (Teasingly.) Ooh, do I hear jealousy in your voice, Jun-chan?
Junichi: I'm not jealous! And don't call me Jun-chan!
Hikaru: (Giggling.) You're so easy to break, Junichi.
Junichi: Hmmph. Subeta.
Hikaru: Subeta, huh? (Stands in front of him.) One with breasts that I'm sure you stare at when you think I'm not looking! (Sticks out her tongue playfully.)
Junichi: As if! I couldn't stare at something that isn't there!
Hikaru: (Angrily.) Nothing there, huh?
Junichi: Yeah! As flat as your back!
Ranzo: Guys...
Hikaru: WELL! You've just lost my company for the day! (Stalks off angrily.)
Junichi: Good riddance! I hope you stay away for a long time, flat-chest!

When Hikaru was out of sight, Junichi kicked at a tall streetlight, muttering incoherently. Ranzo managed to stifle a snort.

Junichi: What is it?
Ranzo: You stare at Hikaru's breasts, Junichi? Maybe you should take HER to prom! (Laughs uproariously.)
Junichi: Yeah, yuk it up, boy. I'll get you back later.

Mamoru just sighed as he closed his door behind him. His stupid parents gave him another boring lecture on the importance of school. He frowned and sat down at one of the three computers in his room. He sighed, logging into his Linux system and starting the X server. He wasn't too sure what to do with his life. He enjoyed computers and was an elite hacker and all... but it still left a sense of emptiness. He watched anime every once in a while, but besides computers, he had nothing else to do. Frustrated at letting himself get caught, he pulled at his long hair. Why did he let himself just get caught? He was so confused. He hated school. He hated his life. He didn't have anything to live for in his life besides computers. Glaring up at the long strands of hair hanging over his face, he muttered to himself.

Mamoru: And I need to get a haircut.

He'd been planning to cut his hair for the longest time, not just to please his parents, but to keep himself from pulling at it. Shrugging his shoulders, he opened up a terminal client and started typing in some commands to start up his IRC client. He wrote a new IRC client for X that would give him more freedom in hacking. It allowed him access to many types of servers and clients with support from various types of protocols, all with quick macro keys. It even had anti-hack procedures worked into it. He entered an IRC channel and entered the #hacker channel, finding several people logged on at the moment. He had his real IP hidden by a fake one, to prevent others from finding out his real identity even if they ran a traceroute. All anybody would have was his handle, RayTracer Pixxel. All of a sudden, a message popped up.

SysOp Hacker: "Welcome to #hacker, RayTracer Pixxel. I am SysOp Hacker. The hacker of hackers. The ruler of the hacker world. How worthy art thou?"

Mamoru immediately started typing in a response.

RayTracer Pixxel: "I am the best. Perhaps better than you."
SysOp Hacker: "Then, prove thyself!"
Mamoru: (Shrugs.) Okay, take this, pal.

Mamoru sent SysOp Hacker a flood, which was repelled.

Mamoru: Flood protection? I guess he's not that bad.
SysOp Hacker: "Is that all thou hast, RayTracer? Thou maketh me laugh. Have a REAL flud!"

Mamoru casually cricked his neck to the side as he rapidly typed away at the keyboard, loading up his flood protection before the downloaded garbage could lag his computer.

RayTracer Pixxel: "Nice try. How about you try this on for size?"

Mamoru pinpointed his opponent's IP address and used it to hack into it with IP spoofing, then he uploaded a simple reboot command to his opponent, and received immediate results.

Message: "SysOp Hacker disconnected."
Mamoru: (Grins.) That'll teach you not to use a firewall, Doors user.

Mamoru soon received several congratulations from many of the channel regulars, and he was offered the SysOp Hacker name as part of some contract they had. Shrugging, he took the name and logged off. He stood up and yawned, lying down on his bed. Suddenly, he heard footsteps coming up the stairs, and he sighed, knowing his parents were going to bug him again.

Mitsune's Voice: (From behind the door.) Open up, Mamoru! I know you're in there!
Mamoru: Mitsune? Come in, it's open.

She walked in and smiled sweetly, bringing a smile to his face.

Mamoru: So, what brings you here?
Mitsune: I heard what happened today. Why'd you do it?
Mamoru: (Grinning.) To get you into my room.
Mitsune: (Sarcastically.) Oh, cute.
Mamoru: So, where's Takayuki?
Mitsune: Exacting his revenge on Akira.
Mamoru: Kewl. Come here and gimme a hug before he can interrupt.

She smiled and jumped on to the bed, laying herself down on top of him and hugging him.

Mitsune: So, what's with the sudden hugging mood? I always have to beg you for a hug.
Mamoru: I'm just feeling a little depressed.
Mitsune: (Grins.) I could fix that.
Mamoru: A hug is fine, Mitsune. So, what's this big plan of Takayuki's?
Mitsune: I'll let him tell you when he gets here later. So, I'm guessing you got two weeks from your parents. Am I right?
Mamoru: Yep.
Mitsune: And are you suffering from it?
Mamoru: Yep.
Mitsune: Think your parents could do a little better?
Mamoru: Yep.
Mitsune: You won't mind if I kiss you, right?
Mamoru: Yep... I mean, no! Sheesh, Mitsune! Aren't you just a flirt today? We're just friends, remember?
Mitsune: I know... but now that Takayuki isn't hanging around us for once, I'd just like to spend some naughty moments with you.
Mamoru: (Chuckling.) You're hopeless, Mitsune. Besides, isn't there somebody else you have your eyes on?
Mitsune: (Dreamily.) Yeah... but he doesn't notice me. I think it's because I was a bitch to him in Junior High.
Mamoru: (Opens up the front of her shirt and looks inside.) I think you can make him overlook that fact.
Mitsune: (Giggling.) Ooh, you're bad! But, the thing is... he's sweet, and so shy! My sister is best friends with him, and she keeps saying that he likes me. But, I don't know...
Mamoru: Does he have a name?
Mitsune: Ranzo Heike.
Mamoru: Oh, him. I talked to him once. Nice guy. But I think I left a bad impression on him.
Mitsune: Mr. Ego strikes again, eh?
Mamoru: Is it my fault that I'm very confident in my abilities?
Mitsune: Not at all. That's one reason why I wouldn't mind getting kinky with you, Mamo-chan.
Mamoru: (Grinning.) It isn't because of my devilish good looks?
Mitsune: Well, you figured out the other reason, handsome.
Mamoru: Heh. Flattery will get you anywhere.
Mitsune: I hope so.

He made no protest as her lips pressed against his.

Takayuki and Hitomi made their way down the street until a large house was situated just ahead. Hitomi glanced over at Takayuki, who seemed to recognize the house, and she spoke up in curiosity.

Hitomi: Ano... is that Mamoru's house?
Takayuki: Huh? (Looks over at her.) Iie. It's actually somebody else's house. My other friend.
Hitomi: Other friend?
Takayuki: Yeah. She's probably at Mamoru's right now, getting all the secret info from him. Once he consoles in her, they clam up for the longest time. (Shakes his head.) Damn.
Hitomi: Umm... what's her name?
Takayuki: Mitsune Kazano.
Hitomi: Oh. I met her before. In fact, she flat-out acted like a bitch to me.
Takayuki: It must've been that time of the month for her...
Hitomi: (In offense.) A-HEM! Excuse me!
Takayuki: Heh... sorry. (Looks up.) Ah, here we are.

She looked up at the semi-large house and smiled. It had an inviting look to it, but she felt as if she had been here before.

Takayuki: What's up?
Hitomi: Huh? Oh, nothing.
Takayuki: (Approaches the entrance and rings the doorbell while banging loudly on the door.) Come on! Let me in already!
Hitomi: Aren't you ever rude?
Takayuki: (Laughs.) Nah. They love me here!

The door opened, revealing Mamoru's father with a very angry look on his face. He towered over Takayuki and glowered at him with all the world's hatred in his eyes. Takayuki merely stared back with the same intensifying gaze. Hitomi backed away just from the flaming aura they were emitting. Suddenly, both men yelled out and started shoulder-checking each other until they broke out in laughter.

Mr. Ishida: Ha ha! Hey, Takayuki! I thought you'd never get here!
Takayuki: Sorry to disappoint you, but I thought I'd bring a friend along.
Mr. Ishida: Well, any friend of yours is a friend of mine! (Looks down at Hitomi.) Hello there! I'm Mamoru's father.
Hitomi: (With a tear drop on her head.) Err... hello...
Takayuki: Come on, let's go see him!
Mr. Ishida: Heh. Your friend is shy.
Takayuki: She's usually not.
Hitomi: Well... I was just surprised at your display there. I seriously thought you two would get into a fist-fight or something.
Mr. Ishida: HA! Only if he sits in my chair again!
Takayuki: I seriously thought he wasn't sitting there at the time!
Hitomi: (Smiles.) I'd hate to see how you and Mamoru get along, Takayuki.
Takayuki: Oh, much more tamer than this. He's the most weirdest one of the family.
Female Voice: (From the kitchen.) Takayuki, you take that back! My Mamoru is a good boy!
Takayuki: Well, I'll take it back if you give me some more of your homemade cookies!
Female Voice: (From the kitchen.) Gladly!
Mr. Ishida: Hey-hey, wife! Leave me some! (Giggles ensue from the kitchen. He ignores them and turns to Hitomi.) So, you haven't met Mamoru before?
Hitomi: No, sir.
Mr. Ishida: (Scratches his head thoughtfully.) Hmm. I see. Well, you'll like him, I'm sure. (Winks at Takayuki.) Make yourself at home, eh? Just don't sit in my chair. HA!

He slapped Takayuki on the back and headed for the kitchen, where more girlish giggles erupted.

Hitomi: Umm... is it always like this?
Takayuki: Yep! Mamoru's an only child, so they've kinda accepted me as his brother or something.
Hitomi: Oh. What was that wink Mr. Ishida gave you?
Takayuki: (Shakes his head.) Trust me, you don't wanna know.

He led her up the stairs to Mamoru's room and turned the knob. Then, he frowned as he found it locked.

Takayuki: Hmmph. (Knocks on the door.) Hey, Mamoru! Open up, man! It's me!
Mamoru's Voice: (From inside.) Be there in a second!
Takayuki: (Sighs.) Shit, they're gonna clam up on me again.
Hitomi: You mean he and that Mitsune girl are in there?
Takayuki: (Nods his head.) Yep.
Hitomi: Alone?
Takayuki: Of course.
Hitomi: Won't his parents mind?
Takayuki: (Chuckles.) Not at all. You see, Mamoru's what you would call, a fickle person. He doesn't date anybody. He doesn't want to date anybody. He doesn't believe in relationships.
Hitomi: Yeah, but they could be... you know...
Takayuki: Nah. Like I said, Mamoru would only fool around with his computer. Besides, they've been friends ever since they were in diapers. (Lowers his voice.) {And she's tried many times to make him take advantage of her. Believe me, he's refused every single time.} (Shakes his head.) I couldn't do that. I don't have the willpower.
Hitomi: (Turns to look at the door.) Oh...

Suddenly, the door unlocked and opened up. Hitomi was not too pleased to see Mamoru at all.

Mamoru: Hitomi?!
Hitomi: Mamoru?! You mean, YOU'RE the guy that Takayuki's been telling me all about!?
Takayuki: Hold on just a second here! You mean... you two know each other?!
Mamoru: Yeah, she works with me.
Hitomi: Don't you mean, do the work for you? You're the most laziest person I know!
Mamoru: Pfft. So? You think I care?
Takayuki: Hey, ease up here, guys! Come on, let's put out the fire, okay?
Hitomi: (Indifferently.) Fine.
Mamoru: Hmmph. (Turns around and heads over to his network.)
Mitsune: Well, well. So, it was Hitomi, eh? Kind of a coincidence that she knows Mamoru, eh, Takayuki?
Hitomi: (Glares at Mitsune.) What's so coincidental about it?
Takayuki: Oh, nothing, Hitomi.
Mitsune: She's not some nobody, Takayuki. She'll find out soon enough. She isn't stupid, you know.
Hitomi: (Stares at Mitsune in surprise.) Huh?
Mitsune: (Sighs.) Hitomi. I think you should ask Takayuki what's going on, okay?
Takayuki: (Grits his teeth.) Shut up, Mitsune...
Hitomi: (Turns to Takayuki.) What is she talking about?
Mamoru: Yes, Takayuki. What, indeed? Something to do with... oh, I don't know... Akira, perhaps?
Takayuki: (Angrily.) Mamoru...
Hitomi: How does HE know, Takayuki?
Mamoru: Takayuki, you should know better. Even Hitomi doesn't deserve that. I thought you'd know better, man.
Takayuki: It... it was only supposed to be a practical joke!
Mamoru: (Sighs.) Explain it to her, Takayuki. Or else, I'll never welcome you near this house again.
Hitomi: (Looking at Mamoru.) Is it... that serious?
Mamoru: (Nods his head.) Yeah.
Hitomi: (Turns to Takayuki.) So? Tell me.
Takayuki: I, uh... I lied to you. Sorta. Akira's not really my best friend.
Hitomi: Go on.
Takayuki: In fact... (Swallows.) ... we're more like enemies. He keeps trying to one-up me. Like yesterday in gym. He... pulled down my shorts in front of everybody.
Mitsune: I still don't see what you're sulking about, Takayuki. The girls keep talking to me about you!
Takayuki: It's not about that! It's about Akira! It's about him, always trying to make me look like a fool! Well, I decided to get even with him! Since he doesn't like freshmen girls...
Hitomi: (Slaps his head.) Baka! Do I look like a freshman girl?!
Mitsune: Told you she'd figure it out.
Takayuki: Hitomi... I'm sorry... I really didn't mean to... well... let you get hurt... I was gonna look out for you throughout the whole time...
Hitomi: I see... so I was to be used as revenge. You know, ever since I moved here, everybody's been treating me like shit! And you know what? I'm not gonna take it anymore! (Punches Takayuki in the stomach.)
Takayuki: OOF! (Folds over.)
Hitomi: See you later, jerk. (Leaves.)
Takayuki: Wait!
Mamoru: Do yourself a favor, Takayuki. Stay on the ground. (Walks to the door.) I'll see her to the door. Mitsune, help him up, okay?
Mitsune: Sure.

Mamoru walked out of the room and caught up with Hitomi.

Hitomi: (Muttering.) That jerk.
Mamoru: Hitomi, hold up!
Hitomi: (Looking back.) Mamoru... just forget it, okay? I'm fine.
Mamoru: Are you sure? I mean... I wouldn't want you to get burned at the deep fryer tonight just because you're upset.
Hitomi: (Chuckles.) How the hell can you say that at a time like this?
Mamoru: Because you're my cover girl. You watch my back at work and I watch your back elsewhere. That's just the way I am.
Hitomi: Hmm. (Shakes her head.) You're a nice guy, Mamoru. I just never thought I'd see the day when I'd realize it.
Mamoru: Hey, I'll be honest with you. I really suck at the restaurant thing. I can't deep fry. I can't cook. Hell, I don't even think I can fill a glass with water. If it wasn't for the fact that it was my uncle's restaurant, I'd be outta there.
Hitomi: So, what are you getting at?
Mamoru: You never asked for my help in return, but I always wanted to make it up to you.
Hitomi: Hmm.
Mamoru: And you really hate being treated like shit by everybody? Well, I'm gonna treat you with the respect you deserve. How about that?
Hitomi: Mamoru... it's really nice of you. (Smiles wickedly.) But I really don't think it can make up for all the dishes I've cleaned for you.
Mamoru: (Laughs.) You are too much, you know that? Okay, I'll start doing my job from now on. But, we'll do it together, okay? (Holds out his hand.)
Hitomi: Hmm... .okay. (Takes his hand and shakes it.)
Mamoru: Oh... and don't be so hard on Takayuki. He really tries his best to be nice to everybody. It's just that... Akira's been driving him nuts ever since he started high school. And Akira's a jerk.
Hitomi: So, I figured.
Mamoru: Forgive him, okay? Umm... but not too soon.
Hitomi: (Laughs.) I like the way you think, Mamoru.
Mamoru: Good. Because nobody likes the way I think. They think I'm too malicious.
Hitomi: And is it true?
Mamoru: Don't get on my bad side, and I won't be. (Turns to go back to his room.) You coming?
Hitomi: What, me?
Mamoru: Yeah. (Smiles.) I like you, Hitomi. I'd really appreciate it if we could be friends.
Hitomi: Well... alright. Let's be friends.

They smiled and returned upstairs to find Takayuki tied on the floor. Mitsune had a whip in her hand.

Mitsune: I knew you'd come back. So, I prepared this little surprise for you.
Hitomi: Umm... thanks... but what is it?
Mitsune: It's a whip. You use it to inflict pain on Takayuki for trying to use you as revenge against Akira.
Hitomi: Oh, really?
Takayuki: Hitomi, please please please... I'm really sorry!
Mitsune: (Leaning in with a lowered voice.) {And maybe it'll inflict some pleasure too...}
Hitomi: (Blushes strongly.) Err... I think I'll pass.
Mitsune: Are you sure?
Hitomi: Yeah... definitely.
Mitsune: (Shrugs.) Okay.
Mamoru: (Shakes his head.) Geez, Mitsune...

Mitsune giggled as she untied a fuming Takayuki. Mamoru smirked at his expression while Hitomi headed over to the computer network. She stared in awe at all the computers and shook her head in disbelief.

Hitomi: You weren't kidding, were you, Takayuki?
Takayuki: (Looks up.) Huh? Are you talking to me?
Hitomi: Of course I'm talking to you!
Takayuki: Does this mean... you've forgiven me?
Hitomi: Only a little bit. (Winks at Mamoru, who grins.)
Takayuki: Oh...
Hitomi: Well? You haven't answered my question!
Takayuki: Umm... right! Err... what wasn't I kidding about?
Hitomi: About Mamoru being a super hacker and all...
Mamoru: Elite, actually. I'm probably the best in Takezaki. Maybe even Tokyo.
Hitomi: You really DO sound arrogant.
Mamoru: (Menacingly.) Takayuki...
Takayuki: You do, bud! Seriously!
Mamoru: Relax, man! I know I do. I don't mean to, but I just do. I guess I'm just really confident of my abilities.
Takayuki: (Turns to Hitomi.) Ask him anything about computers. Anything at all!
Hitomi: What's with the two monitors?
Mamoru: I have a dual-monitor configuration.
Hitomi: Cool! Say, when did you start using computers?
Mamoru: Oh, jeez... it must've been when I was six... that was almost twelve years ago.
Hitomi: Twelve years?
Mamoru: Yep. It was on a Temptation 64. In fact, it's right over there, hooked up to the Agima.
Hitomi: An Agima? That's pretty old too.
Mamoru: Yep, but it uses parallel processing, so it performs almost at a par with today's computers.
Hitomi: I see. The first computer I ever used was a Vicar-20. Hardly as old as yours, but I started only five years ago. My parents bought it used.
Mamoru: Yeah, I scrapped my Vicar-20 for parts and kept the monitor to run my dummy terminal on it.
Hitomi: Oh. So, what's the newest machine here?
Mamoru: Here? It's got to be my HANomni 4000.
Hitomi: Really? I've got a HANomni 4500, and a HANomni 5000. How can you run Doors on yours?
Mamoru: Oh, that's easy. I don't. I use Linux.
Hitomi: Linux?
Mamoru: Yeah. It's a really high-end operating system, designed after the Minix system.
Hitomi: Minix?
Mamoru: Minix is a mini version of UNIX. I'm sure you've heard of UNIX before.
Hitomi: Oh, absolutely. But, isn't that some kind of super system that's extremely tough to learn and use?
Mamoru: A little exaggerated in user-unfriendliness, but that's the one.
Hitomi: So... how is Linux, compared to UNIX?
Mamoru: Almost the same. Most of the commands are similar, and they both look practically alike.
Hitomi: Wow. Could you show me what it looks like?
Mamoru: Certainly.
Mitsune: Uh-oh. Perhaps we'd better leave. He's gonna go at it forever.
Mamoru: What? You guys are leaving?
Takayuki: Well, I'm staying. I've got nowhere else to go now.
Mitsune: I have to get home. I have some homework to do.
Mamoru: Oh. Okay, see you later.
Mitsune: (Hugs him and whispers in his ear.) {Too bad we couldn't go farther than kissing today, sexy.}
Mamoru: {Heh. You're incorrigible, Mitsune.}
Mitsune: (Sweetly.) {I know!} (Kisses his cheek.) See you later, oniichan, Takayuki, Hitomi.
Mamoru: Walk home carefully!
Takayuki: Yeah, see ya!
Hitomi: Thanks for everything.
Mitsune: (Winks.) Don't mention it, Hitomi. Let's just put the past behind us and be friends, okay?
Hitomi: Okay.
Mitsune: See you at school tomorrow!
Hitomi: Hai. Ja ne!

As soon as Mitsune left, Mamoru booted up his system and zoomed through his file system. Hitomi's eyes lit up in amazement.

Hitomi: Wow! The files and directories are all in color!
Mamoru: Doesn't that kick the tar out of Doors?
Hitomi: For sure! I'd like to upgrade to this thing!
Mamoru: Don't be so hasty. It's a pretty tough OS to learn.
Hitomi: But, I like this thing!
Mamoru: Sheesh! You haven't even seen X yet!
Hitomi: X? What's that?
Mamoru: (Grins.) You'll see.

He started up the X server and laughed at the expression on Hitomi's face.

Hitomi: It... it looks just like Doors!
Mamoru: That's just the FVWM95 shell. You should see Window Maker or Enlightenment. They're much better.
Hitomi: Wow! This is just amazing!!
Takayuki: I think you've got her hooked, bud.
Mamoru: Nah, you're just imagining things.
Hitomi: Say, how are the graphic programs on this?
Mamoru: Well, there's the GIMP.
Hitomi: The GIMP? Is it good?
Mamoru: It's kinda like Photoshop, but free.
Hitomi: Really? Do you have it?
Mamoru: Yeah, take a look.

He started up the program and let her use it after much pleading on her part. It was his turn to express shock when he saw her model a professional-looking image within moments.

Mamoru: Holy shit! You're good at this!
Hitomi: Not really. I prefer NURBS rendering.
Mamoru: You use NURBS?
Hitomi: Yep!
Mamoru: Wow. I've done it before, but it took a lot of work.
Hitomi: I wonder if Linux has a NURBS program...
Mamoru: Probably. Linux has tons of software on the Net. Blender might be the best choice, though.
Hitomi: I wanna change over to Linux! How do you do it?
Mamoru: (Hesitantly.) Check the Net and some Linux newsgroups. They'll tell you everything you need to know.
Hitomi: Well, why don't you show me instead?
Mamoru: I'm... kinda busy these days.
Hitomi: (Sighs.) That sucks.
Mamoru: (Shrugs.) Sumimasen. (Gets back to his system and starts typing a very long command line.)
Hitomi: Hey, what are you... ? (Her question was interrupted by the dialing of the modem.)
Mamoru: Getting on the Net. You're welcome to use any of the three computers here.
Hitomi: Cool! (Smirks.) But, it's kinda pointless if I don't know Linux.
Mamoru: (Grins.) That's all the more reason to learn.
Hitomi: I'll keep that in mind.

Mamoru couldn't sleep. For some strange reason, the night was too hot and humid for the winter. Suddenly, he leapt up from bed as something landed on top of his stomach. He glanced down at his cat, Khar, and sighed in relief.

Mamoru: Khar, you bad cat. Trying to scare me out of my wits? (Pets Khar.)
Khar: Meow. Purr.
Mamoru: Hungry?
Khar: Meow.
Mamoru: I'll take that as a yes.

He got up from bed and suddenly noticed his computer monitor, which was turned on and displaying a screensaver.

Mamoru: Whoops. I forgot to turn off the monitor before sleeping.

He casually strode up to the keyboard and pressed a button, returning to the Linux console. He grinned as he checked out the download status of a new program he got from the Net. After Takayuki and Hitomi left, he decided to check out some new Linux software, and found a new window manager called E-Reality. However, the darn thing was stuck in a server that wouldn't allow him access by FTP or HTTP. So, he used his telnet client program to log in and drop to the server's remote console. Then, he found the file and some themes and downloaded them. At the time, he grimaced at the large size of the files, but he decided to give them a shot, since he took his time just to start downloading them. Now that they were downloaded, he decided that Khar's stomach could wait a bit longer. He unzipped and untarred the files, staring at the myriad of files being extracted. After a few minutes, the extraction was complete and he almost fainted when he noticed that the untarred files took up over 300 MB of space. Shrugging it off quickly, he ran the configure script and the screen blanked out and turned green. However, he looked closely and saw that it was not green at all.

Mamoru: [What the hell? It's just a screenful of binary in green text. It's just displaying so quickly that it looks like a green screen.]

Curiously, he broke the data flow and was presented with a blank screen and a single message.

Screen: "Incorrect output device. Requires E-Reality.Suit."
Mamoru: [Hmm. Maybe it needs me to pipe the configure script's output to the "E-Reality.Suit" file.] (Lists the "E-Reality.Suit" file.)
Screen: "crw-r--r-- 1 root root ?, ? Feb 20 03:30 E-Reality.Suit"
Mamoru: [Okay... it seems to be some kind of unknown device.] (Types in a command.)
Command: "./configure > E-Reality.Suit"
Mamoru: [Alright... here we go...] (Hits the enter key.)

For a few moments, nothing happened. Then, he heard some static coming out of his speakers. Immediately, the speakers started playing some louder static. Mamoru covered his ears and went to reach for the speaker volume when his body suddenly froze. He widened his eyes and found that he had no control of his body. His body hurled uncontrollably towards the speakers, which he collapsed into. That, in turn, shook the entire table, which suddenly toppled the monitor stand over and dumped the monitor on top of his head. The monitor broke upon impact. Before he could even register pain from the collision, electricity sparkled out of the monitor and surged throughout every part of Mamoru's body. He couldn't even scream, for it happened too fast. He didn't even know what was happening to him. Then, after a breathtaking second, the electricity flow ended, and Mamoru fell to the ground, smoke billowing from his body. As he dropped into unconsciousness, the static finished playing out of the speakers and he didn't see the new screen output from the adjacent monitor.

Screen: "E-Reality.Suit transfer to human host completed. 1 error."

* logout *

Hey, don’t be shy and lemme know what you all think of this episode! In my mind, I think it sucks up until Episode 03!

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