Saisekijou Senshi – Condensed HANGA Shousetsu.

Written by: Heihachi Y
Condensed by: Heihachi Y

Dan Hunter

I’m the leader of a ragtag group of high school students that get magical powers to fight crime! However, we won’t be following the book all that often.

(They do.)


I’m a floating calculator that is the mentor of the Saisekijou Senshi! I’ll lecture them about fighting crime the wrong way!

(He does. They never listen, and they even try to kill him from time to time.)

Airic Jeng

Nobody can pronounce my Chinese name, and I die and come back to life more times than I can count!

(He does.)

James Hodge

I’m the token sub-hero who shows up to help the Saisekijou Senshi when they’re in trouble! I’m fat, and instead of offering words of encouragement, I put them down when they’re not doing good! I become thin later on.

(He does. He also finds out that he’s from another Verse!)

Saisekijou Onna No Senshi

We’re the Japanese girls! We join up to get more female populace in the series!

(They do. Jamie Ziyo is dethroned as the only hot girl. Random nudity and teen romance ensue.)

Voluptuous Vixens

We’re more hot girls who start out evil but become good!

(They cause more male nosebleeds due to more random nudity and teen romance.)


This is the funniest series ever!!!


I can’t write like this anymore, so I can’t finish it!!

(He still can’t.)

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