WACKY No Jinsei – Condensed HANime.

Written by: Heihachi Y
Condensed by: Heihachi Y

Lui Jeng

I’m a half-Chinese, half-Japanese, martial artist teen! I will have a crazy life!

(He does.)


I’m an alien from another Verse! You will accidentally drink this potion I made that will turn you into the last living thing you touched with the help of advanced nanite technology using ingested caffeine or lactose as catalysts!

(He does. He can turn into a girl.)

Sakura Hattori

Zelron found a cure! I’ve been split apart from Lui! I will cope with being a girl!

(She does.)

Lui Jeng

All my intellect went to Sakura!

(He becomes stupid.)

Yuki Nogata

I came from Japan! I’ve fallen for Lui! I will try to get him to return the same feelings to me!

(She does, with help.)

Siu He Tai

I will turn Lui back into a girl because I spout incessant rants of revenge against his family!

(He does. Lui can turn into Nanami.)

Tons of Characters

We will help make Lui’s life as insane as possible!

(They do. Wacky hijinks, martial arts battles, and teen romance ensue.)


I will delete most of this series, rename it a million times, and edit it a million times!

(He does.)


End the damn thing already!!

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