2 Fast 2 Furious

Man, that movie was tight! I wasn’t expecting to like the movie at all, but after watching it, I ended up really getting into it. Blah, it’s corroded my mind, and now I wanna get a racer!!! Hahaha.

After much confusion in the morning, Eugene and I went to FutureShop to trade in the DVDs I bought for mom (because she called and told me she bought them already!!!), so I got both the first Linkin Park CDs traded in.

After that, we went to Ian’s place and picked him up. We went to pick up Alanna and then went to dim sum at Grand Garden, which was awesome as usual. Bought some stuff for mom at Sun Wah, then got dropped off at Ian’s while Eugene went back to Byron’s to watch the hockey game finals (which the Devils won in a landslide game – great jorb, fellas!). We hung out, watched some anime, chatted. Ian and I walked to Safeway and grabbed some drinks, then we ordered some pizza. I didn’t really warm up to Alanna until later, mostly because she was really a new face to me, and though I hit it off with Ruth right away, it was because we had chatted for a while before actually meeting. But, it was cool to really get to know Alanna. She’s a nice girl, and she doesn’t rub me the wrong way like some of Ian’s other past girlfriends (Candace! Cough cough). After getting pizza, we laid back and watched Pirates of Silicon Valley, a movie I’ve been meaning to see, but I had to leave before the movie was finished, since Eugene had a time window in which the hockey game would have an intermission.

After the game, we went to the movie (which rocked if you didn’t read above ^_~) and headed over to 7-Eleven for some slurpees. I really like this Sprite Ice flavor. Dunno what people have against it. Also, on the way back to Byron’s, we stopped at a Subaru dealership and Eugene showed me the WRX Impreza – it’s nice. Maybe I’ll just sell my HDTV and get a car instead. Hahaha. Like I ever watch TV anyway, and I can’t exactly transport it anywhere easily. Ahh, that sucks. Before the movie, I was intent on buying myself a Toyota RAV4, and now I might go with a car instead. So much for trunk room.

Well, I’m done for the day. Sleep awaits me.

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