A 16:9 Ratio!!!

Today, I bought a Toshiba HDTV.

Whoa, back up there! I did WHAT?!?!?! Well, Krazy Krazy, a home electronics company from Winnipeg, comes up every year to sell tons of stuff, and they just opened today. I just went to get my dad his lottery tickets, and I ended up in Crazy Crazy for an hour and fifteen minutes! The salesman, Jade, told me the top sales keywords: deal, package, finance, no payments, no interest, one year. I took it – hook, line, and sinker. Hehehe.

So, now I’m sitting at home, waiting for James-see to come home and drop his jaw in shock while he helps me move it into place. sw33t.

Oh, on another note, I went to Kim’s workplace to ask her out… and she wasn’t there. Apparently, she was late to work, and she didn’t show up yet. She MUST be my colleague’s best friend. Hahahaha. Well, tomorrow, I’ll ask her out.

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  1. How many inches is the screen for your new TV? Now all you need is some surround sound and your home theatre will be almost complete.

  2. The HDTV is a 42″, I believe. It’s a 16:9 ratio too, so you have to take that fraction into account.

    Hahaha, yep yep. I have a Dolby 5.1/DTS setup at my parents’ place, but it belongs to them, so I have to build one from scratch. I’ll only go Paradigm all the way. Apparently, the third roommate – who may or may not move in – has a Dolby 5.1/DTS setup already. All I have to do is run the Toslink, and I’m all set. Muahahahaha.

  3. It’s me, me. I came back in time to tell myself that buying the HDTV was a big mistake… oops. Too late.

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