A Long Day…

I was bad… I played Final Fantasy X until the wee hours of 3:30 AM last night, so I only got four hours of sleep. I dragged myself to work, and good thing it wasn’t that busy of a day, because I would have had a lot of problems. Anyway, during work, my cousin showed up… with his wife, Ah-Nee, from Malaysia and their two daughters!! Umm… there’s a whole story behind that, but I won’t go into that here, since it’s confidential family stuff. Anyway, after work, I went to the restaurant and Ah Nee showed up with Margaret and the kids. We were all reintroduced since it had been almost 7 years since we all last saw each other. Ah-Nee’s oldest daughter, Jessie, was talkative and when I say talkative, I mean that literally – she spoke to me in English and both main dialects of Chinese. Ah… Malaysian schooling has improved. The younger daughter, Jade, wasn’t quite as energetic as her older sister. They saw The Santa Clause 2 playing on TV, and they immediately recognized it, so they started watching quietly. If I had kids, I wouldn’t mind having some daughters like that.

Anyway, we all went back to our place where the girls watched Charlie’s Angels and we all caught up with Ah-Nee in the kitchen. Markus, Margaret’s son, was a hyper bundle of energy as usual, running here and there and playing his GameBoy. Eventually, Jade fell asleep after a little altercation with Markus (he started it ^_^) and I ended up carrying her to the car. Ah… a small taste of fatherhood. Anyway, mom and I went to my cousin’s bar to watch Eugene’s first performance with his band. It was sure packed in there!! We came in just as they finished playing Evanescence’s Tourniquet, and they played a couple more songs before the drums busted. So, a half hour of watching all these kids dance up a storm and running into Ah-Nee and Margaret, the band finally fixed the drums. However, Eugene wanted to sit out the next two songs because they were too slow for his tastes. When he came back, they played some rockin’ songs – Never Again (Nickelback), I Hate Everything About You (Three Days Grace), Here Without You (3 Doors Down), and Someday (Nickelback). Other than a couple mistakes here and there, the band did great – if the screams from the crowd were any indication. I just wonder when Eugene will stop playing sissy rock songs and start shreddin’ like he does all the time at home. Oh, well. He’s having fun, and I guess we’re proud of him. Even if he’s useless at home. ^_^

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  1. han u ever played x-2?

  2. Not yet. My lil’ brother got it as one of his x-mas presents, and he said that it was really good. Most people I know said it was good. The only thing bad I heard about it was the fact that the storyline cannot compare with FFX. I would have to concur. I’m just hoping that the ending is better than FFX’s. ^_^

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