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Kawamura Yukie

So, yesterday, work was quite easy. I did all my work as fast as possible, and ended up spending the rest of my afternoon playing Diablo II and getting my new assassin up to level 10. Then, after work, I went to Wal-Mart on a hunch and bought Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks as soon as I saw it there. Unfortunately, because both Eugene and the delivery driver for the WP went to Winnipeg for a concert, I got stuck doing deliveries. I’m just lucky that my two appointments cancelled out on me. Well… lucky is not a good word, since it means I can’t make any money from them either.

Anyway, I also got in the latest issue of sabra and my Neowing order, which included Hamasaki Ayumi – HEAVEN, Koda Kumi – Promise/STAR, and FINAL FANTASY VII – ADVENT CHILDREN on DVD. Awesome! When I got home, I had another surprise waiting for me, but I won’t say it here until I know for certain that it’s official. Unfortunately, Yesasia cancelled my order for Tommy february6 – Tommy airline. They suck ass. If they have no more copies of a CD (especially when it’s OOP), they should remove the damn Add to Cart option!! I don’t think I’ll be ordering from them again, due to the horrendous wait times. I mean, my orders from Neowing come straight from Japan and they come quicker, and are less likely to get taxed and tariffed by freaking customs.

Today, however, I finally got in my Yesasia order of Tommy february6 and Tommy heavenly6. Yeah. Definitely not ordering from them again. Because I couldn’t get a copy of Tommy airline anymore, I ended up buying it from Amazon Marketplace instead. What a smart idea – have the users sell their products on Amazon in a sort of eBay-ish way, only without the useless bidding option. I e-mailed the guy for additional shipping options (because I hate waiting for shit and would rather pay the extra money for faster shipping), and he upgraded my shipping option to a 3 day option for free because the CD exceeded $30. Awesome!

Well, I have a little bit of paperwork left to do. Stan’s coming soon, so I have to get things in order (although I already have that under control so far).

Current Music: Nakashima Mika – Kumo No Ito

Made about three mixed CDs of J-Pop the last few days. Yes, audio CDs, not MP3 CDs. I guess I’ve been in the mood to listen to short playlists recently, and mostly individual songs instead of whole albums. So, I made three CDs because each day, I felt like listening to different styles. You ever have that kind of mood? Some days you feel like pop, other days you feel like metal. If I had known in advance what I wanted to listen to, I would have made an MP3 CD instead with different playlists, but I find that with so much music on one CD, you never know what you’re in the mood for. Everybody changes. Today, I’ve got in a mix of low-key JPop. Definitely not cheery but not angsty either. All because I wanted to listen to this one particular song of Mika-san’s.

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