A planet… that devours everything in its path…

Work was rather… not busy today. At either job. Compared to the sheer craziness of yesterday, I was totally unprepared to not work much today.

I got to work on time for once, grabbed McDonald’s for breakfast, and proceeded to work until Lee showed up. He took Dennis to coffee for a meeting and said he’d take me next. So, I did some LiveJournal stuff in between helping customers. When they got back, I went to Music City after much contemplation – finally picked up Original Sin on DVD (the Special Unrated Edition), and all the Delerium CDs I was missing (ie. everything except for Semantic Spaces). I even grabbed Madonna’s Hollywood single. My excuse for this much sudden spendage? Umm… I used new listening tunes for deliveries as an excuse. But, it was kinda valid, so I don’t feel so bad, since I can make lots of deliveries no problem. After that, I went with Lee for the meeting. My stomach started to feel queasy. Damn McDonald’s combined with lack of sleep. I had some hot water and it helped. Ahh.

The meeting basically covered what our responsibilities in the store were going to be while Lee is in Vancouver a week and a half from now. I got to talk about my future with management in RadioShack, and we even talked about various stuff like a possible future reno for the store, which is in dire need. It was a good talk that was sorely needed. I decided then and there that staying in Thompson for the next three more years as I originally planned would be a good idea, so moving down to Winnipeg will be a no-go now. To Alanna and Ian, if you’re reading this, gomen. Sorry. I’ll still try to visit you guys as much as possible, though. I do miss Winnipeg, but I still don’t think I’m ready to pick up and leave, especially with so much debt under my belt. I also want to save enough money for university, and I won’t be able to do that if I live in Winnipeg. Hehehe, sad to say, but I would eat out all the time and shop all the time too.

Anyway, after the meeting, I did more LJ stuff. It was THAT slow today. My stomach started to feel a bit better, so I grabbed some soup from the deli and it sorta helped. Not. Kinda made it worse by the time I got to the restaurant. I sucked down some more hot water and forced down a bowl of rice. It helped my stomach to settle down whiel I did some deliveries. In between then, I had to keep sipping on hot water to calm down the hunger pains to a more normal level. So far, I seem to be doing okay – I had two bowls of rice porridge. Got to watch four episodes of Rikujou Boueitai Mao-chan too. During a delivery, Esmond helped me grab tons of stuff from James’ place. I can’t believe I still haven’t moved everything out of there yet. I need to find a place in the basement to put it all, I guess, but I’m afraid that Eugene’s friends will get all nosy and pry through my stuff. I hate his friends when they do that. I guess that’s why I’ve never really kept many friends. James even hated it when I got all touchy about my stuff – he said I was, and I quote, “hoarding all my stuff when it should be shared”. Whatever. Respect my stuff if you wanna respect me. Eventually, I gave in just to shut him up and stop his incessant whining. Nice friendship, eh?

I’m not completely unsharing – I will lend stuff if people ask nicely, and not so frequently too. I hate leechers.

Whoa, I gotta get up early tomorrow. Guess I’ll go take a shower and sleep.

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