A week too long.

It’s been a really long week. I’ve been working as usual, and setting up Eugene’s band website. It’s finally done, so go ahead and check it out at Driven-Under.com. (EDIT: No longer up, since the band broke up.)

I’ve also been playing World of WarCraft. Gah, it’s an awfully addictive game that has sunk its evil claws into me once again. I lost a crap load of JDrama and anime, and I’ve been playing WoW instead of trying to download everything back as fast as possible. I might need therapy.

However, I’m glad that things are finally proceeding. Once I finish downloading the current JDrama and anime I need to complete, I think I’ll go on a hiatus for a while. I need to get back on track with sports and I want to get more writing and manga work done. I just bought Dennis’ Gateway PC, and it’ll probably end up as my gaming/media PC. I just need to buy a new cheap video card that has DVI for Mitake, so I can keep using my new monitor. The X800 will end up in the Gateway (which will probably go in a new case too).

Well… back to WoW.

Current Music: ABBA – Voulez Vous (damn rights, ABBA kicks ass because Strawberry On The Shortcake used their music throughout the drama)

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