Yesterday, I went to Subway for lunch with Esmond, my baby brother. Heh, he’s technically my baby brother because I’ve helped to raise him ever since he came home from the hospital, so kawaii!! But, in actuality, he is now a good foot taller than me!! I have to reach up to hug him now! No fair…

Anyway, we went to Wal-Mart and he picked up the new LOTR DVD and I ended up getting the Simpsons 2nd Season DVD box set instead of Resident Evil. Then, we went to WP (Wonton Place – the restaurant that my parents own) and I got to see Ka-Ka! Totemo kawaii desu ne! I could hug her forever! Hehehe, I love babies, especially baby girls. I guess it’s because there aren’t too many of them in the family. At least here in Canada. Anyway, Ka-Ka kor tao-fat cheung jor… soon, she will be able to tie it back or braid it even! Wow, I really haven’t seen her for a long time! Hair grows so fast. Well, not mine… anymore. O_o

My DVDs came in too! I finally got my Mahoromatic and Fruits Basket DVDs, but I think I’ve been spoiled by fansubs for too long! I ended up laughing at the HK subs for the poor translations and spelling errors instead of the comedy! Hahaha!

I want a webcam!!! Spice up my website a bit…

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  1. rotten_apple says

    Web-cams are good, but babies are better! coo*

  2. Sure, but what are you doing with the babies???

  3. rotten_apple says

    Yeesh, only a guy would misinterpet that, I won’t even dignify that with a proper response.


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