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Chingy chingy ching chang chong! Chinks have such a weird language. And they make funny girly noises when they use their keradi (karate, whatever). I say, kill them all. They say they’ve had thousands of years of history, but history sucks anyway. Besides, a lot of annoying things seem to always last forever. Insects come to mind. The only difference is the fact that chinks seem to like to THINK they can fly, but only with ropes. They’re nothing but slanty-eyed rice eaters, all of them.

For those of you who didn’t know, yes, I am Chinese. And yes, I still get this crap. The only difference is that now, people don’t say it out loud, but they still treat you with disdain. They think the things you believe and follow are weird, and yes! They obliviously mix up different oriental customs.

I get self-loathing a lot. I don’t actually hate my own culture, but I bash it a lot more than even racists do. I don’t know why I do. I only know that I’ve had an… interesting childhood.

So, what’s new? Nothing much. Okay, I’m off to practice kung-fu while eating rice with chopsticks in my Chinese pajamas. Flying with ropes, of course.

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  1. I didn’t know you could fly. Seriously. Wow, that’s cool!

  2. Only with wires, though.

  3. blushycyootie says

    strange @_@;..
    if you weren’t Chinese, I’d think you seriously hated us.

  4. Yeah, I was just venting. ^_^

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