ADV. Shake Shake Shake!


It looks as though ADV allegedly sent letters to, requesting that all their licensed anime be taken off the tracker. Apparently, a couple of other anime torrent sites complied in accordance with this request, being one of them. It sucks, because I use that site a lot to get a variety of anime-related stuff other than anime, like games and other media that aren’t even released here. It also keeps the cost down too. I acquired the new Galaxy Angel PC game thanks to mircx! Oh well. I guess they’ll be back up after the weekend or so.

Shake Shake Shake!

I like drinking flat pop, since the carbonation makes me feel sick. So I was shaking away my Sprite Remix while eating pork rinds, and I was proofreading some of my writing. I guess I got too pre-occupied with it and I forgot to put the cap back on the bottle, so when I shook it, I was suddenly wearing it and Lee’s desk was all covered in it!! O_O;;;

It took a while to clean it all, but I managed to finish up before Lee could walk in and see his drowning desk. -_-;;;

Whew. That was my little bit of excitement today.

Just checked my Amazon order. It’s stuck in Ontario because of the weekend! Baka Canada Post…

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  1. littlefreeze says

    My friend Jacob (Bokal) told me about that at work to the other day. . . some people. . . .m aybe they should think about making their Anime cheaper.

  2. At first, ADV had humble beginnings – a small group of otaku wanting to bring anime legitimately to America. Eventually, they’ve become so big that their only interests lie in themselves and their profits. They can’t deny it any longer because we have Tokyopop who distributes licensed anime for the same price as a domestic DVD, while ADV is still trying to get away with charging overextravagant prices.

    I hate it when money corrupts. The same thing is happening with MP3 file sharing and the RIAA, DVD decryption and the movie industry, the government and taxes. I could go on, but it’d be way off topic anyway. Time to change topics…

    Kyou Kara Maou! Kyou Kara Maou! Mite mite mite!! Wai~

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