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Got a chance to watch FINAL FANTASY VII – ADVENT CHILDREN. There are no proper words to describe this awesome movie – it was worth the three year wait to see this insane offering. I heard so much about this movie – good and bad – and I was pretty anxious about it, both about how they might butcher it or make fans fall in love with the series all over again. I have to say that this movie will NOT disappoint. The action sequences backed by powerful rock accompaniments of the great Uematsu Nobuo. Hell, the action sequences… think of that one cool CASSHERN action sequence where he took out all those robots single-handedly. Now think of that kind of style multiplied several times throughout the movie and you have something that may come close to what I’m trying to describe. I can’t wait to get my copy which, by the way, was shipped today. I bought the Special Edition, which is already out of print. I hope SQUARE ENIX releases a regular edition because there will be some angry fans out there if they won’t be able to get their own copy.

On a sidenote, I picked up The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy today as well. Also a great movie, although it now pales in comparison now that I’ve watched ADVENT CHILDREN. Whoops.

I’m writing a short piece of fiction. Since I can no longer write HACK-R 2.0 due to researching, I have to concentrate my efforts on writing shorter pieces to actually get some practice. My Wild And Tame beta novel project is still going, but that’s going to be a massive thing, so don’t count on it getting done anytime soon. AMASHOU (AMATEUR No AV No Shousetsu) is kind of at a standstill, since I have to take the time out to do a little bit of research. Work gets in the way, of course, but I hope to take advantage of the times when I’m not working.

I recently bought a Centrios 1 GB flash stick from The Source. I realized that with the work I do, it’s pretty important for me to own one, instead of using that cumbersome memory card reader and 1 GB SD card. In light of that, I’m now using the 1 GB SD card in my iPaq, so that’s much better.

Had a crazy nosebleed last night. Had it again this morning. I think it’s a combination of cleaning the basement on Sunday and the sudden changes in temperature recently. I’m carefully trying not to breathe through my nose as much.

Current Music: Uematsu Nobuo – One-Winged Angel

I’m serious, the music recomposed for the movie is insane!!! It’s like Uematsu took a page from the Black Mages and revamped all his music for the movie. Buy the soundtrack!!!

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