Afraid To See…

Saw the latest episode of Long Vacation. It was such a great ending! Too bad it’s not the last episode, and because of that, I’m afraid to see what complications will come up next.

Speaking of good shows, I started watching Bright Girl’s Success, a really good KDrama. My aunt bought it on DVD, so I’m slowly going through it.

What a long week. I started filming my co-workers’ antics on my camcorder. Gotta take some time to capture it, though. Sleeeeep…

Current J-Drama: Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Live – 8 [T-N], Long Vacation – 6 [J-TV]

Additional Resources

The one with all the Lesson Reviews.

I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with this blog ever since I started using Hummingbird last fall. So, I decided to try an idea of mine called Lesson Reviews. Essentially, it’s more of a “what I learned from X anime” than a review, but the thing is, there will be good and […]

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