Ah, Crud…

I now have all of Spiral downloaded. I really wonder if this is such a good thing or a bad thing. I usually mass download series so that I don’t have to worry about locating it in IRC. Even though I use IRC to fserve a lot, it’s still kinda annoying to download, because frequent disconnections can result in many incomplete downloads. It’s kinda like downloading over MSN or AIM… which I do not want to relate right now. However, IRC is useful in such that I can download episodes just minutes after they’re released on IRC. BT links usually don’t get put up for a few hours or so, just to make sure that the entire file can be uploaded in its entirety. That, and you have to fill up enough seeds to send an entire file by BT anyway.

So, as a result of my IMD (Iron Man Downloading ^_^), I have to burn anime off my hard drive faster than I can watch it. Leaves me in a pickle, eh? But, I figure that eventually in the future, I’m gonna stop downloading every single series just to have it, and then there will be less anime to see, in which time I will start watching all these old series I haven’t seen yet (minus the stuff I have fserved – I always watch those).

So… things are looking crazy right now. I’m basically working on odds and ends to keep my bills afloat. What really kills me are the multiple payments I have to make to VISA, my line of credit, and Clarica, at the end of every month. It pretty much leaves me with a very tight budget, since I have to make payments to my HDTV and my RadioShack card as well. Such a thing did not seem possible until last week. Thanks to these new hours, I will be making the amount of money I always made, so I never have to worry about buying lunch, taking a cab, or getting that shampoo I needed just so I can make all my bills for the month. This end of the month is gonna be hell, though, since I’m still living off my old paid hours, but since I do deliveries at the restaurant, I can put all that money aside and use it when the end of the month comes. No more buying lunch and taking cabs until after then, though.

So… buying this new Finger Eleven CD right away might not have been the wisest choice, eh?

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