Almost Done!

Well, the rest of my cleaning was done yesterday, so I moved my portable closet (two mobile clothes racks, hehehe) into my room and rearranged everything. I still have yet to move my bookshelves, but that’s mostly because:

(a) I don’t have enough bookshelves to complete my layout, so I’ll have to buy four more.
(b) I’m out of room to put the bookshelves. Hahaha.

Anyway, now that I’m stuck with very little money to spend (come on, I need SOME money to buy more J-Pop), I decided to just kick back and relax for now. I still have a few minor things here and there that I have to rearrange, but I’m pretty much relaxing. I have to go and apply for that job at Crappy Shack this Monday. I found some of the résumés that I printed out on laser when I was in college last December, so it’s pretty up-to-date. I need money to buy computers, and with the J-Pop I buy, I’m gonna need a lot more than what I make now. Anyway, seeing as how I don’t have car payments, rent, hydro, water, or any of those other “independency” bills right now, I should be able to make it with just the money I earn at the restaurant, but more money definitely wouldn’t hurt. Especially if I can get a four hour morning shift or something like that.

After finishing HACK-R and editing it a bit (JUST spelling errors and inconsistencies in the storylines, so don’t worry!), I decided to make a second part, but it would be more like an OAV or movie or something like that. I wanted to have some fun with the E-Reality suit I had created. Oh, if you’re interested in reading HACK-R, I’m posting the first episode right after this post. Hopefully, I’ll get some rave reviews or something. Hahaha, no, I don’t think so, there are too many critics out there. Still, mine is a kick-ass original concept, although in my opinion, the storyline was kinda weak and leaky at points. I think it’s because I focused too much on the romance factor (sorry, I’m a romantic at heart). That and the fact that I had this awesome idea for the ending all planned out, but I forgot it since I made that plan way back in 1998, when I started the damn series. Itai! Anyway, the first episode is just your standard, boring episode that really just introduces the characters and the E-Reality suit. I figure that I’ll just post one episode per day. It’s only 10 episodes anyway. I didn’t want to draw it out like some OTHER anime I know. <Ah-choo! Ran-ma! Ah-choo!>

I played Diablo II multiplayer with my youngest brother – he’s really gotten into it lately – until 4:30 AM in the morning! Crazy! After that, I grabbed some of my mom’s spicy pizza that she made (awesome pizza) and watched the Society episode of Lain. Then, I went to sleep. Well, I’m off to probably play more Diablo II!

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  1. DAMN AVEX!! DAMN AVEX TO HELL I SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s buy Avex!! >D We’ll show ’em all!! BWAHAHAHA!~

  2. I’m willing to go along with that plan… hehehaha…

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