And On The OTHER Side Of The Coin…

I know this is contrary to what I said in the previous rant, but I’m gonna be sexist on the other side.

I’ve been playing Sentimental Shooting quite often this past week. Downloading lots of games recently too. I’m out of CDs and hard drive space! Anyway, if you haven’t played it, it’s really fun. It’s like playing R-Type or Zero Wing, except that you also have to shoot the clothes off of the gals from Sentimental Graffiti. It’s pretty hard to kill the enemies and shoot off the clothes at the same time… I haven’t beaten the second stages on any of the girls yet. That sucks. The bosses are too hard on those stages, and I’m even playing on easy. Maybe I suck at these games. Hahaha.

My JGirls collection is growing and growing. I’ve been slowly collecting the PureJapan scans of Kawashima Azumi for the past two weeks. 400+ pictures!! I swear, I was going crazy, because there are other scans sitting around as well, and they could be taken down at any time.

My opinion from my last post still holds true, though. Girls ARE better… that’s why I download girl pictures instead of guy pictures. Hahahaha.

Went LAN partying at Goble’s yesterday. Before we started, Erin was watching Fushigi Yuugi, so I HAD to join her!!! Even James was saying that we were geeks. WAI~! ^_^

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