[Anime] Mai-HiME – Episode 1



The sword is mightier
than the truck!

A hidden power unleashed.

Mai can see a red star in the sky. Despite this, she’s a normal high school girl, on a cruise ship with her brother, on their way to their new school. Yuuichi and Shiho, who are NOT siblings. befriend them. However, this isn’t a normal high school drama. It promises mecha, strange powers, battle scenes, and enough fan service to keep me happy.

I just realized that this is my first anime post. Wow. I actually DO watch anime, so don’t be so surprised. Actually, I’m currently watching GRENADIER, but I don’t know why I’m not posting it. Oh, well. (Torrent: Baka-Updates)

Well, I’ve abandoned World Of WarCraft for now. It’s a great game, but my regular gaming team is still playing Diablo II (due to lack of sufficient hardware and funds), and fun is where the friends are. You can only play an MMORPG as a single player for so long before it gets boring. I’d love to return to it someday, but I guess someday isn’t possible right now. Mind you, I’m now concentrating more of my free time on my writing. So, that’s one good thing.

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