[Anime] Mai-HiME – Episode 5

Dangerous fantasy.


Not much action (or fan-service) in this one, but Mai is slowly coming to grips with her past, as well as her future as a HiME.

Why do all girls love yaoi fantasies? Is it some kind of inherited trait? (Torrent: Baka-Updates)

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  1. littlefreeze says

    All girls don’t like them actually. . . I have friends that think it’s wrong still. But yes, it probably is an inherited trait in some girls. . since my sister and I are both yaoi fangirls now. . . ~__~

  2. Hahaha. I have a friend in town who’s in love with yaoi. It’s so hilarious hearing her rant on and on about her favorite male characters in yaoi situations.

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