[Anime] Mai-HiME – Episodes 2 to 4



No panties.


To the rescue!

from the sky.

Hey, this show’s really coming along! I actually put away two episodes over the long weekend, but I was busy switching my website over to add them here.

So, the next two episodes (2 and 3) focus on Mai, who slowly finds out that she’s a HiME, and that she can wield a powerful force known as Kagutsuchi. Mikoto is also explained to be a cute feline-like girl who really loves to eat. The 4th episode reveals a bit more about Natsuki. She reminds me of Motoko from Love Hina, but you get to see Natsuki’s extremely feminine side in this episode. Seriously, she owns a huge collection of lingerie?!?!

I’m slowly catching up with the show. I may even be able to get caught up by the time the last episodes are released. (Torrent: Baka-Updates)

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  1. ryoji_kaji007 says

    Very good series I say. Seen the whole series I did.

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