Another Quick Update…

I’m just at my parents’ place, making a quick updating and moving some more stuff.

Well, so far, things are going good. Yesterday was Labor Day – I SO needed that day off from work! Although I got a little nausea last night, it was a good day overall. James played Onimusha 2 (US rental) downstairs, while I played The Longest Journey up in my room. Then, before I knew what happened, it was 9:00 PM, so we started supper and decided to watch some anime. Since I’ve only seen the first episode, I popped in Mahoromatic. OMG, GAINAX went overkill with the fan service and naughtiness. This has to be their most suggestive series yet. A sexy teacher with naughty imaginations – especially for her student, Suguru – really pushes the limit of this almost H-anime. After about three episodes, we played two games of LAN WarCraft III. Then, two more episodes of Mahoromatic. One long game of WarCraft III. The rest of the first disc of Mahoromatic. Before we knew it, it was 5:00 AM in the morning!!! Holy crap, man!

Well, for past stuff, I got in my SURREAL CD. Weeeee! James-see and I don’t get paid until next week, so we’re still DSL deprived until then. Unless I dip into my savings and pay the outstanding bill… which will square me off for two whole months of internet. I’ll probably do that too. This week. Today, even.

I have extra money put aside for the Bubblegum Crisis DVD box set. I am so hooked on that anime now. I should also pick up a pair of Paradigm front speakers, if they’re less than $500. Or, I could get that 19″ monitor and DVD-ROM drive I need… DECISIONS!!! Okay, enough outta me. I have a 500 yen coupon at CDJapan and I’m deciding what to get with it! Mayhaps that limited edition Onegai Teacher DVD 1st Mail…

I finally finished watching all of Onegai Teacher. Brava series! I got all choked up near the end!

Too many comments to answer – no internet of my own…

One more thing – my room is starting to look like Lain’s. I’ve got cables all over the floor and computer screens galore. Maybe a digital camera might be a better choice than speakers right now…

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