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Sunday, July 28, 2002
Today I happened to be roaming around in Manhattan because Claire, my trusty laptop, broke down last night. I'm devastated. So I took her to some guy named Steve to get her fixed.

While waiting for Steve to work his magic, I happened to walk by Saks Fifth Avenue. As I approached the store, I became nostalgic for days gone by, because I saw some girl exiting the store with ROCK-STAR SUNGLASSES and a fancy new GUCCI PURSE.

The OLD Karyn would have marched right into Saks to find out how much the purse was and figure which credit card had enough room left on it to handle the purchase. But the NEW Karyn kept her chin up, and turned away from the entrance without a second thought. By exerting that bit of self-control, I figure I saved myself about $600.

Gee… sounds like something I would do. Figure out which account of mine has enough money to handle the purchase. In fact, if I had enough money collectively, I would’ve transferred all the excess money into one account to handle the purchase. What’s worse is that if my credit card were to be taken away, I still remember the number…

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  1. Oh that Karyn~ ^_^`

    Remember Karyn: EXERT YOUR SELF CONTROL!!! >_

  2. WHAT self control?!?! X_x

  3. *gives a pouch containing “self control” and labeled as such* . . . THERE! now EXERT IT! >D


  4. Weren’t you the same guy who labelled the “must-have” albums for me to buy from CDJapan? O_o

  5. … ._.’ …


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