Aoi returns, new and improved!

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Kumada Yoko

I finally got my Dell Inspiron 9300 in – Aoi is back up and running! Okay, so everything is just perfect on it, except for one thing – the way WinXP handles text and icons in widescreen mode sucks. For some strange reason, point sizes are larger than they normally are, and if icons are tossed into a larger area than needed, they expand and pixelate horribly. I’ve seen this before on other people’s boxes, but widescreen is a whole different beast. I’m gonna have to tinker with it for a bit before I can get it right.

Ain’t she a beauty? Well, okay, the girl on my desktop is too, but I was actually referring to the laptop. ^_^

PC Game – Doujin Platform/RPG
Load Game Screen. Starting out from Prontera!
Take that, Porings! The second level is the desert?!

This game is a gem! A very well done doujin game that takes the world of Ragnarok Online and turns it into an SD platform RPG game! I can see myself playing this addictive game for hours. In fact, I should be asleep right now, but I was playing it until just now… yeah, I ignored my new $5000 laptop for two hours to play a game on Mitake. ^_^

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  1. Grats on the new puter dude.

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