Around $4K.

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Kumada Yoko

I went and picked up my car during work today. It’s gonna cost me roughly $4000 to get the car fixed, color changed, painted, and the works. It may end up being more, because I forgot to tell the guy that I need a spoiler installed and a leak sealed up. Either way, he’s already looking at slashing some prices here and there for me, since I’m doing pretty much everything at the same time (forgot to ask about reupholstery for a later time). Either way, I’m sinking money into this car. Kowai desu ne?

I want to watch Lexx again. I watched it off and on over the years, and now that all the DVDs are out, I can get a chance to watch them again. Unfrotunatelty (so unfortunate that I spelled it wrong), I’m broke as it is, what with all the car repairs, the dental appointment next week, the research material I need for HACK-R 2.0, and a new laptop I need to buy soon. So, I took the cheap way out and started up torrents for the entire series. Maybe someday, when I pay off all my bills, I’ll buy the whole collection. Gomen nasai!

Well, at least one good thing is coming out of all this. No, never mind.

I don’t think I got the job at MTS. Not even a callback.

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