The stupidity of Homestar Runner. Hahaha, but I love it!

Time to myself… my mind is split up between two things – work on writing or drawing manga, or install Diablo II and Emperor and play some games. I work way too much as it is, and it seems as though everybody works. As loathe as I am to admit it, my roommate, James-see, games hard. He does it hard and he does it well. He can spend days on a game without fail, and when you think about it, it is rather exhausting, and can be considered work. Sure, he enjoys it, but when it all comes down to it, humans and work go hand-in-hand. There are two kinds of work – the work we love and the work we hate. There are two kinds of people – those who choose the work they love because they prefer to be entirely fulfilled with very little else, and those who choose the work they hate because they think they can’t live on just the work they love. They have to earn money to buy meaningless things to please themselves, but in the end, they still hate their jobs.

I’m the one who chooses the work I hate. Mind you, I love working at RadioShack, and it wouldn’t be so hard if I wasn’t working at the restaurant, but once again, I work at what I hate so I can afford crap I don’t need. Nowadays, that’s changed, so I’m now working at what I hate so I can pay the bills and the debt I’ve accumulated from buying crap I didn’t need. In the end, it all sums up to the same thing. ARROWED!!!

Don’t feel bad if you find yourself in the same position as I am. The majority of people in this Satan-influenced world wants things they don’t need. Just to clarify need, all a human needs is food, water, air, clothing, and shelter. We don’t need education. We don’t need cars. We don’t need Nike. We don’t need language. We don’t need culture. We don’t even need friends. Animals can sense things we can’t because we’re no longer in tune with our environment. We’ve confused ourselves with all these material things that we created for ourselves to want. Sometimes, we convince ourselves that what we want is more important than what we need.

Here’s a good example – I’m hungry here, and yet I’m ignoring it and continuing to update my LiveJournal. Don’t go and tell me you haven’t done that before – that is, ignore a need for a want. Isn’t that pathetic? When it all comes down to it, the difference between civilized man and animals is the fact that we gave ourselves something else – choice. We choose to live our lives this way. So, tell me, are we really better than animals, who are more in touch with what they need?

Ergo, I think I’ve suddenly made sense of The Matrix Reloaded. :P

Ah, heck with all that crap. I think I’m just so hungry that I’m spouting incessant blog. I’m gonna go downtown to get food since there’s no food in the house.

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  1. hey i agree. i would prefer staying inside, quiet night at home with a good dvd, ps2 game or reading to long walks on the beach. but then again i am probaly messed up

  2. Nah, you’re not messed up. Everybody has their quirks. The only time I’m really happy to be outside is when there’s a huge storm. Rain, lightning, thunder, the whole works! I don’t even mind shooting rain (where the rain feels like shot pellets).

    Cute avatar! ^_^

  3. *laughs* thanks. i like rain but thunder not so good *L* i am terrified and have to be with someone or i would probaly sit and cry

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