Arrrrrrg! Pirates, Matey!

I found two people selling Pirates of Silicon Valley on eBay, so I raised the bids to $12, since it’s only worth $13.99 on Amazon. I had extra cash left in PayPal, so I may as well use it!

I rented Enter The Matrix on Monday, and played for a good 4 hours. That’s probably the longest I’ve ever played a shooter game consecutively. I have to return it tomorrow, and last night was a bust because when I got home, my useless roommate was playing it as usual. I download tons of anime, and he watches all of it like a leech. That’s fine, so I thought he would just watch more anime so that I can have the TV to myself. Since he hasn’t used the TV for a while (he bought a GameBoy, so he’s occupied with that now – or so I thought), I figured to myself that I could finally use it without any problems. WRONG. It’s like he’s got radar or something – as soon as I get something new to play, he somehow KNOWS and he automatically attaches himself to it, keeping me from playing it later. What an <expletive> <expletive> <expletive>!!! I hope he <expletive> <expletive> until it <expletive> <expletive>!!! >_<

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  1. Christianity is not equal to doormat, man. James needs a good kick in the ass. You’re the one downloading and burning the anime, on your own CD-Rs. It’s your TV, your PS2, and your rented game.
    He really needs to learn how to not overstep his boundaries as a good roommate. Alanna and I had a roommate who started doing things like that, figuring because it was in the house, he was entitled to it, and eventually went insane, attacked me and we had to kick him out. He -still- owes me nearing $2000, even though we haven’t spoken to him in nearing 8 months. Don’t let it get that bad between you and James.

  2. autographnews says

    Holy smokes! I thought i was the only person on earth who liked that movie!

  3. Yes, James does. Anyway, I told him off last night. I told him to get off the PS2 right away, and he complained that he just started playing. I said that I was mighty pissed off because I didn’t get to play two nights ago, so he’d better either relinquish the controller or else. So, grudgingly, he complied, but he cooled off right away and watched me as I finished the game. It was great how everything worked out.

    By the way, I’m still sorry about that whole fiasco. I should have your $2000 paid off by next month.

  4. Arrrrrrrrg, nice picture, matey! Is that scalawag yer scurvy self? Arrrrrrg!

    Anyway, yeah, my friends and I really liked that movie, so don’t fret! You’re not alone in the universe…

  5. Well that’s good! He should be put in his place. It’s about damn time that he find out he’s living in squalour. After all, when you move down here, who’s going to pick up after him?

    … Fiasco? $2000? uhh….

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