Asatte Dance Revolution

I went crazy. I went and read the next 54 chapters of Asatte Dance (or as Viz calls it, Dance Till Tomorrow), because it’s soooooooooo good!! I think I might actually consider buying it (since the rest of it hasn’t been scanned yet). I remember reading this a long time ago when Viz released Pulp (think of an adult/mature version of Shonen Jump). I think I was still in high school at the time. Anyway, I had only read the first chapter, because that was all that was available, and I couldn’t get any more Pulp either, because I was flat-broke. There was another good series in that mag, but I forgot the name of it.

The power button on my Palm handheld is stuck. It won’t press in anymore, but it still turns on and off if I press it hard enough. That sucks. If it continues to get worse, I might have to consider replacing it.

I’m getting so impatient with this one website. It’s offering more JGirls pix than I can see in a lifetime (which equals to about a whole day ^_^), but they have a stupid CGI that only delivers the images if you are visiting their site, so I can’t use my offline browser to download the pix all in one shot. So, I have to do it one by one, the old-fashioned way, and it’s killing me (but saving me time from double-checking for CRC errors).

So far, this whole change in my attitude is kinda working. However, last night, my dad made fun of me when I was trying to tell him something serious, so then I changed my mind to tell him since he was being like that, and my mom and aunt FLIPPED on me! It wasn’t even all that important, and they were saying stuff like how upset I was and all. Like I care! I wasn’t even that upset, I just saw how my dad wasn’t taking me seriously and I changed my mind to tell him what I wanted to say, that’s all. No big deal. I swear, what is it with them always trying to butt into my business anyway? Sheesh. Take the nosy stick out of your heads, already.

Oh, and after a couple months of no inspiration for that novel I was writing (see some earlier LJ entry that I don’t really care to look up – like THAT helps anyway ^_^;;), I’ve gotten back into it. It’s a lot easier to write now that I’ve soaked my head with shoujo manga ideas for the past little while. Once I get the first chapter done, I’ll post it. Hehehe. This is so cool. Me, a mushy romance novelist. ^__^

Current Manga: Perfect Girl Evolution – 14 [AnimeWaves], Evangelion – Girlfriend Of Steel 2 – 1 to 3 [ADTRW], Asatte Dance – 8 to 62 [Viz]

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