Got woken up at 6:30 by the PUPPY pager. I hate that PUPPY thing to PUPPY death, I’m gonna take that PUPPY thing one day, throw it out the window, and drive over the motherPUPPY with my car. Venting aside, nothing else got paged except for my office number. I was wondering to myself, ‘WTF mate?’ So, I checked TECHWeb – no new calls. Checked my voicemail, nothing. Then, I actually woke up and thought, ‘Somebody is paging me from my office.’ So, I called my office, and sure enough, somebody was there. Colin got called in because the server decided to stop responding to the remote assistance, and, of course, it was down. I can’t wait until we get this damn thing fixed. Tero from EDS and I have been trying everything we can think of to figure out this problem. We’re currently waiting for a new SCSI HDD and a proprietary HP SCSI cable.

Work sucks, as usual, but fixing the server has been a bit of a delight. I wouldn’t mind fixing servers for a bit, but I just know it will mean more sleep deprivation (because let’s face it, servers only love to cause problems after-hours) and all-nighters. I don’t want that. So, Ian suggested I try website design. Hmm. I’m not very good with designing, overall, but I suppose I could take a course or buy a book to read up on it. Design, by nature, is something that can’t really be taught – but I can learn about the rights and wrongs of designing. Plus, I have some web scripting experience behind me, but I would still like to learn Perl and Java – maybe brush up on SQL.

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I designed a portrait for, a forum I’ve been hanging out on recently. However, the filesize is too big, so I don’t know what else to do with it other than show it off. It was just supposed to be a showcase of my most favorite AV idols, but I’ll have to rethink from the ground up and try to find a way to design something smaller in filesize, but not in JPEG, since the compression blurs and bleeds text badly. A bit of insider info – all the photos used in the collage were actual wallpapers on each of my machines – Mitake, Hagiwara, and Aoi. I sure miss Hagiwara, though. I find myself really liking the PNG format for distributing high-quality images. I might do all my scans in PNG from now on.

On a sidenote, thanks to the kawaiiNation community for referring me to ImageShack. I can host big images on there now! ばんざい!

As you can tell, I can’t get back to sleep. I’m gonna meander off and find some food.

Current Music: Elva Hsiao – U Make Me Wanna (Feat. Blue)

I’ve been on this R&B-Pop kick lately. I think it’s because of Amuro Namie’s upcoming album, which I’m impatiently waiting for. Elva Hsiao (or Hsiao Ya in Chinese) is an awesome Mandarin singer who sings closely in the vein of CoCo Lee. In my personal opinion, though, I find Elva’s songs way more catchier than CoCo’s. This song, especially, is an awesome song. If you didn’t know, Elva played a small cameo role in the movie, Infernal Affairs. Watch it, it’s a great movie!

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