Awfully Nice.

I felt slightly queasy at times after I miraculously recovered from my sickness, but I was otherwise fine. My mom and dad left to the city at early Monday morning to pick up my brother. 秀俊弟 and I played lots of SSX Tricky, and some Diablo II – Lord of Destruction. We tried out some of Baldur’s Gate II, but we still stuck with the first two games. On Tuesday night, we got a call from my mom that there was an accident on the highway, so they had to turn around and take a back road several clicks away. When we woke up the next morning, they were already home (they got back at 7:00 AM, just an hour after we slept). Basically, my basement became more messed up. What a crock. We moved some stuff around later on that day, and I had the chance to get Eugene’s computer all hooked up and connected to my router. Needless to say, 秀俊弟 and I played some Diablo II over the network. Hehehe.

I woke up late the next day at around 11:30 AM, and my dad walked in the door with my brand-new computer!!! WAHAHAHAHAHA!!! It looks as though Purolator finally delivered it. Geez, those guys sure took their time. Anyway, I switched the hard drive and some other components to the new computer, and then I installed my dormant GeForce 2 video card for the rest of the day, and booted up. After installing all the drivers for the new motherboard, I tested out Return to Castle Wolfenstein and was greeted by an unwanted BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). I installed the newest drivers, rebooted, and tried it again. Success! I ran game after game in succession, pumping up graphics to the max, and getting the desired results. OH YEAH!! (Kool-Aid Guy style.) I got the rest of the day off from work, so 秀俊弟 and I went downtown to pick up some stuff for my old computer. I bought a new Microsoft Internet Keyboard and Intellimouse Optical, as well as a USB cable. 秀俊弟 bought himself the new Intellimouse Explorer Wireless. w00t!

The next day, 秀俊弟 left at noon. We had discussed moving in together next year, since I’d be going to school, but it’s still not certain. If I can find an animation program in Winnipeg, then I’ll move there, but otherwise, I’ll go to Sheridan College. After 秀俊弟 left, I set about reinstalling the OS on my new computer, so I backed up stuff to my data partition and set about installing Linux on my old computer, which I named “Mana-chan”. Hehehe. I called 秀俊弟 the next day, and talked to him for a bit. Back to work. It was really busy. On Saturday (or yesterday), I didn’t get enough sleep. Eugene had his friends Shan and Tom (yes, Big Gay Tom) over all night for Gran Turismo 3 A-spec (on my PS2, no less) and movies, so I couldn’t get to sleep early enough. I woke up at 9:00 AM and then I finished installing Win98 (いたい, but I need PC games – read: mostly びしょうじょ) on my new computer, which I passed the name Ayumi-chan over to. The weirdest thing is, I installed Diablo II and it BSOD’ed on the video test! Whoa. I rebooted and tried it again, but no go. I finally just tried running a game, but it crashed out when I quit the game. Well, better than nothing. The next morning, however, I booted up fresh and started the game first thing, and it didn’t crash even afterwards. I was hoping that I didn’t have to upgrade my video drivers, because my video card’s WDM capture port doesn’t seem to like the new video drivers from nVidia. Weird.

Yesterday (Sunday) was a somewhat normal day. Somewhat. I woke up several times Saturday night to hear Eugene and Shan watching movies. When I woke up at 9:30 AM, they were playing guitar and had just finished watching their last movie. I played some GT3 A-Spec with Shan, and …that’s it. Less than two hours to work, I went back to Ayumi-chan and installed my びしょうじょ games. I’m probably going to go to Microage today and get myself a second job for the summer. I need the money to pay off my bills (and make new ones – hehehe). Don’t worry, everybody. I’m not abandoning the まんが yet. I might have come up with a title, but I had a chance to lay out my top-secret ideas for the まんが to 秀俊弟 when he was here in town, and he was impressed about the idea, which is pretty good for someone of a non-びしょうじょ persuasion. Well, looks like I’ll have to squeeze in time between work to do rough storyboards. I hope I get to give you another rant soon. じゃね!

For myself? “Only if I’m blue screening and the damn thing isn’t even on.”
For friends? “Sure, if I have time.”
For business? “Umm …I just died. Sorry.” ^_^

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  1. rivendarkangel says

    The sad part is… That’s really accurate. *L* Damn.

  2. Wait until you see the other ones I’m gonna make. Muahaha!

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