Bach Partita, Here I Come!

So, I FINALLY strung up my violin with those new strings I bought on Monday. I couldn’t believe the world of difference that the new strings made. For one thing, I couldn’t even get a note out of the old strings without applying lots of pressure with the bow (which, by the way, is hard on the hand). With these new strings, even the most feather-light touch returns such a sweet sound. I guess practicing with bad strings improved my bowing because I was able to hold a note with a single drawing of the bow for a bit. While my sound still hasn’t developed yet, I am so glad that I’m able to actually play my violin with audible results.

Plus, as an added bonus, I now know a lot more about my instrument ever since I strung it up myself. I haven’t been so happy about accomplishing something that doesn’t involve technology… this is what I’ve waited so long for!

It won’t be long now, before I learn to play the Bach Partita. Muahahaha!

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