Back from Winnipeg… WHY???

Yeah, it was pretty crazy in the city. When I arrived on Saturday morning, Margaret was there to pick me up from the bus depot, and we got to her mom’s house, where I proceeded to start working on her PC. I started out by backing up her data, which was quite a feat because she only had an 8x CD-RW drive. I somehow convinced her to pick up some necessary upgrades. What started out as an upgrade became a case mod venture. ^_^

We drove out to Chinatown for dim sum at Kum Koon Garden, where we ran into some friends from our town. What a small world! After that, it was off to St. James, where we hit CBit (Computer Boulevard) to pick up all of Margaret’s upgrades – a 160 GB hard drive, a DVD±RW DL drive, PC133 RAM (to top hers up to 1 GB), a 480W PSU, a cold cathode, an LED fan, and a Spider case. I also picked up a Sapphire Radeon 9550 for Mitake, so that my Radeon X800 can go in Ayukawa for the gaming. After that, we headed down the street to FutureShop, where my aunt found a universal travel converter. After that, it was off to Polo Park so that my aunt could pick up a backpack to replace her awkward shoulder bag. While that was going on, Margaret and Markus picked out new pairs of sunglasses for themselves. The redhead that was helping us was H-A-W-T. I don’t need to go further.

We made our way back to the house, where I tested every component that we bought for Margaret. The case was damaged badly, unfortunately, so we dropped off my aunt, my dad, and my dad’s sister (Margaret’s mom) to the airport early, so that we could make it back to CBit before they could close. We got the case replaced and we decided to hit Montana’s for supper before heading back to the house. I began work on the computers. Originally, Margaret requested that Markus’ computer be put into the new case. Running on only 4 hours of sleep from the bus ride, I put everything together, but Markus’ motherboard just wasn’t compatible with the new PSU, even though it had ATX power connectors. I gave up on that and went to Margaret’s PC, reinstalling WinXP. I was able to install her anti-virus before giving in and going to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up early, having only less than 45 minutes to finish up Margaret’s PC and pack everything up before the bus could leave. However, feeling unsettled about the way her two PC’s and new case mods didn’t work out, I decided along the way to just leave on the 22:00 bus instead. So, having a whole day available, we headed to Pancake House for breakfast, over to her own house where Mark was working on it (we’re talking extreme house makeover here), and back to her mom’s house so I could start swapping parts like a madman. Well, I was successful. I swapped out Markus’ PC and swapped in Margaret’s PC. We connected online using dial-up to download all her necessary updates (except for the Windows updates – those take too long). Then, we headed to St. Vital for some quick shopping. When I say quick, I mean that I went to buy minutes for my cell and the damn salesmen kept ignoring me and serving the chicks that showed up after me. Now, I’m all for the ladies and stuff, but first come first served, jerks! Time to buy minutes for cell phone – 30 minutes. That was just enough time for my burrito lunch to settle. We then headed to Wal-Mart where Margaret picked up a can of compressed air for her PC. I spotted 8x DVD+R 50-pack spindles for only $29.99!!! There had better be some in my Wal-Mart here in town. Anyway, I digress. We headed back out to Chapters where I picked up the next two volumes of Mahou Sensei Negima! w00t for manga!

Back to the house, I put Markus’ PC back together and put in the leftover RAM. I completed the installation of other apps on Margaret’s PC. Then, I called up Ian and we scheduled a visit so that Margaret could leave the city on time for work. I got to Ian’s without incident (except that both Margaret and I forgot a bag in her SUV). Ian and I chatted for a while until I had to go. I hijacked a cab to the bus depot and got on the bus. What sucked was that the bus was full, so I got stuck sitting with a native lady who obviously hadn’t showered in quite some time. What rocked was that a hot chick sat behind me and a hot blonde sat beside me. What sucked was that greasy native lady kept trying to push over to my seat. What rocked was that the hot blonde and I carried a conversation. What sucked was that she’s still in high school. In fact, she’s a year below Esmond. Girls suck, they look more mature than their age these days.

Well, I’m back in town, working, low on sleep, missing the city, anxious to get off work, ready to leave town again. But, I’m also looking forward to a relaxing month with my mom and Esmond, and I couldn’t be more happier.


and I want to kill them all.

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  1. NEW livejournal account wont be using old one

    user name is “guylostinthesno”
    this is dennis by the way

  2. NEW livejournal account wont be using old one

    user name is “guylostinthesno”
    this is dennis by the way

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