Back In Thompson

And life sucks again. Hahaha, just kidding.

I have to admit, though, I do miss the city. However, moving there is just not an option at this point in my life.

I got in at about 7:30 AM in the morning yesterday, put away my luggage, got changed, and went to work. Let’s just say that I had no trouble sleeping last night. ^_~

So, I paid for a full year here at LJ. I guess I’m back in full force. I figured that instead of updating my website all the time, I’m just going to use this happy medium. That way, all these lazy people won’t have to sign up for an account in my forum. So, I’m gonna leave my website for my hobbies and site updates and stuff, and keep LJ for my personal entries and random thoughts.

So, when I got home from work last night, I had missed out on sooooooooo much anime downloading!! A handful of Whistle! episodes were released, D.N.Angel was licensed (by Royal? XD), and a few other anime episodes were released too. Back to my anti-social life of downloading anime. XD Hehehehe!

By the way, I’ve updated the list stuff on the right and some stuff on the left.

Oh yeah, LJ is more convenient because I can make quick entries at work. ^_^

Additional Resources

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  1. rosicrucian says

    I actually did sign up for an account, posted in HIOS forums, and never got a reply. Rarr…

  2. Really?? I think my auto e-mailing system was malfunctional anyway…

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