Back to work.

Back to work today. Damn. Well, at least it’s only two more days before a three-day weekend.

Most of my scheduled clients were not even available today, so I was able to squeeze in one more appointment, except that there was really nothing wrong with her printer. I hate my job. Hawawa.

Ray is back in town and he needed a hand with his network. So I popped over to his place after work and set him up. I got a chance to watch PVR in action at his place. His brother was watching some WWE, and he was fast-forwarding through the commercials. Sweet.

Speaking of satellite, I wish I could get Dish Network set up in my house. It’s really too bad I can’t pay for the service, because there’s no other way to get TVJapan.

I got my CDs in today – Hamasaki Ayumi: MY STORY and KOTOKO: Re-sublimity. I got a chance to listen to both at work today. Ayumi’s new album didn’t disappoint, but it didn’t raise new bars either. I haven’t heard a really good album from her since I am…. Mind you, Duty is still my all-time favorite. As for KOTOKO… wonderful! She’s definitely a rising star. All her music, while different from each other, stay within the same vocal style, which I love.

Ayumi is starting up her 2005 tour. I wonder if I can save up enough money to go. Probably not. I’m just hoping I can get to Japan, let alone a concert.

I went and filled up my gas tank at Shell before I got home. While at the checkout counter, I decided to pick up a quick supper – road-food chicken burgers are the best! I also decided to pick up a BBQ rib sandwich too. It was also pretty awesome! I sat back and ate while watching the 4th episode of Mai-HiME. If Esmond’s not watching TV anymore, I’ll probably play Katamari Damacy. I was supposed to go visit James G tonight… maybe I’ll bring the game over to his place instead.

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