Bad character design, but great story.

While waiting for the next episodes of Fate/stay night, Kashimashi ~GIRL MEETS GIRL~, and MAGIKANO, I decided to take a look at NOEIN Mou Hitori No Kimi He. The first episode introduced the characters and had the makings of a decent storyline, however, the character designs were horrible – they looked like an American attempt at manga gone wrong. However, the CG was excellent – so excellent that it was offsetting the cel animation in some parts. I thought to myself that this was awful – nobody can enjoy this crap.

Six episodes later, and I am hooked on the series like SCRAPPED PRINCESS. So far, there hasn’t been any major plot twists, but the way they present the story and the cool sci-fi-meets-magic/ki elements had me coming back for more. The only odd thing I noticed was that in episode 2, the art form was more refined and the character designs were a lot better – then they plunged back into crap from episode 3 and onwards. However, don’t let that deter you from this series – it’s not like the rest of the animation quality is bad. Do watch this series and don’t worry about the char designs – I stopped caring after episode 4.

Well, the car is back in CT – bad starter again. They ordered one in for today from their usual supplier, but they’re also ordering one internally, just in case we run into another dud.

Got my rogue up to level 27. I finished collecting all the quests for BFD, I hope, so I’ll be heading there soon today. James H finally got Jordan, his roommate, to get back on WoW. As a result, Esmond and I created new chars on their server so we can all play together. In the meantime, I’m also going to be leveling up my rogue until they reopen server transfers.


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