Bad Luck (and I’m not talking about the band from Gravitation).

So, I haven’t been having much luck this month. Well… I don’t really believe in the concept of luck, but I use the word in such a way as to describe a series of unfortunate events (dammit, I didn’t mean to use that, but… oh, well). But, anyway, it’s been bad. How do I recount to thee? Let me count the ways.

  1. I broke my car, as everybody knows. Just on Monday, some guy backed up into me. No damage done, but he did chip the paint off my rear fender.
  2. My Palm handheld crashed. I lost all my most recent data, as well as the most latest update to my Wild And Tame novel project, which I was in the middle of working on when it crashed.
  3. Work has been hectic, with tons of calls coming in before I can even finish the older ones. I had somewhat of a mental breakdown, followed by the urge to hang myself in the washroom. Or hide in there, at least.
  4. The pre-order I made for Little My Maid two years ago disappeared. So, I missed the pre-order goodies that were supposed to come for the game. I e-mailed Peter at J-List, but I haven’t received any response yet.
  5. I dropped my cell phone in the toilet at home yesterday. Needless to say, it was on at the time, so my guess is that it’s dead for good.
  6. The PSU on Hagiwara is done for. It was failing before when I was doing some routine cleaning last month, but when I went to install my new 200 GB hard drive last night, the damn PSU kicked out the PC, leaving only the basic power LED and LAN LED turned on. After much diagnosis and parts-swapping, I’m still not 100% convinced that my new hard drive is good, but I did have to order a new PSU.
  7. Thor came up from Winnipeg. The great thing is, he’s been clearing the majority of my calls left and right while I’m completing my certification. The bad thing is, he’s been telling me in no subtle terms about all the mistakes I’ve been making. Well, no duh, I got thrown into the job with only a week of training and the bare minimum knowledge of policies and procedures that could have avoided this call pile-up I had.
  8. Xenosaga 2 was released. How is this bad? Well, I have to go buy it, and I’m broke, of course. Damn you, Namco (but thank you for making the game).

Yeah, so if you read the above, Thor is in town, clearing away my calls while I do my certification training. I’ve completed all my IBM and Dell certifications. I think all that’s left is Lexmark, HP, and Xerox. I have to go to the lawyer’s office this afternoon to finalize my will. I should also make an appointment to buy my RRSP’s for the year. Finally, I have to spend the next two or three days rebuilding Mitake, which is to become my new downloading and gaming PC. Previously, Hagiwara was my multimedia dev and downloading PC, but after evaluating my options with only one PC running, I’ve decided to put my 200 GB hard drives on Mitake. Hagiwara can stay put with all my important work, which is also duplicated/synchronized with Aoi, my laptop. I hate reinstalling everything over again. My fault for not making a Ghost CD earlier. My life is t3h suck.

I’ve been doing power listening to Ayu’s latest CD, MY STORY. A much better release than RAINBOW, in my opinion. I totally recommend the purchase of this CD. And, yes, I DO own it. I do my best to buy all the Japanese CDs I like.

Current Music: Hamasaki Ayumi: HAPPY ENDING

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