Barbecue of DEATH.

My old high school chum, Brian, held his annual barbecue at his house last night. It’s a great chance to run into old acquaintances you haven’t seen in a long time, especially since we have a few mutual ones. As usual, there was a lot of chatting, eating, drunkenness, men groping and women flashing, and the other general insanity that follows. Thankfully, I just stayed in the shadows, talked to the sober people, and ate like it was my last meal. Brian always does this for everybody, but it’s too bad that everybody is too inebriated by the end of the day to help him clean up.

So, yeah, today’s GOTD is nude, but this is the kind of nude I like, known in Japan as a gravure nude. Aoi Sora is probably one of the most popular AV idols in Japan, so it wasn’t a difficult choice. (EDIT: Image was deleted by ImageShack, and I forgot which image it was, so I just removed the entire section. Sorry!)

The site redesign has been coming along. I find myself tweaking the layout more and more as time goes by. Will I ever be done with it? Almost. I started integrating the Blogger tags, so we should be seeing the update soon. I just have to find a way to implement it while being able to keep the old Blogger design.

I am soooooooo lazy today. I didn’t get home from the barbecue until after midnight last night, and didn’t get to sleep until after 1:00 in the morning due to a stomachache from all the good food I had. Yes, I ate some things with dairy that I shouldn’t have, but how can one resist Tammy’s seafood salad? Or taco salad? I made some almond jelly dessert, and I would’ve ate that too if I had the room. Anyway, I digress.

I’m lazy today because I didn’t get enough sleep last night. I’m supposed to be working today, but… meh. So much for that.

Ka-Ka and Markus are visiting today, and staying for supper too. Ka-Ka is the cutest girl in the world!!! She has her hair in pigtails, and it reminds me of Jang Na Ra. So cute!!!

Tomorrow, I find out if I got the loan I applied for on Friday. If I do, I’ll be fixing my car like mad!!!

At this point, I would say, ‘back to work’, but that would be a lie. Back to wasting the day away.

Current Music: GARNET CROW – Rhythm

Did I mention that I love GARNET CROW now? I have to buy all three of their albums now. Dammit. So much J-Pop, so little money (no thanks to my loan).

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