Battle without honor or humanity.

I’ve been fighting a losing battle for the past few days. I’m trying not to spend money, but the lure of the first four volumes of Initial D on DVD has been calling me from Music City. So far, I haven’t succumbed, since I already paid my bills and there’s no money left.

Esmond’s monitor blew. Being the good big brother that I am, I gave him my Philips 15″ LCD. I’m running on one monitor here, and it hurts. Oh, sure, I can switch between them, but now I don’t have the convenience of being able to check on my Merchant character on Ragnarok and watch anime or backup data at the same time. What a drag. But, I found a cheap $100 upgrade for Esmond. I wonder what I’ll do with that eMachine he’ll have leftover. Linux box, maybe.

I can’t believe I spent pretty much the entire day at Goble’s place yesterday. Wonderful. We played lots of Ragnarok and just generally hung out. Dennis and Goble played Raven Shield. It looked interesting, but my freakin’ laptop couldn’t handle the damn game. I don’t seem to understand, my Compaq has a 4X AGP Radeon IGP, and it can’t handle such a wimpy game?? Generals, I can understand, but… WTF?!?! More wasted money on a crappy computer.

RadioShack… ahh… I think I’m ready to change my professions now. They say that five years in without any thought of changing careers means permanence. Well, this is 1½ years in, and I’m planning to take my A+ certification and MCAD when I move down to the city. Permanence is definitely not a company that rewards poorly for improved performance. I did not take a high-stress level job to only be paid pennies more than what I was making. Less, in some cases.

I just figured something out. I’m gonna miss those crazy Gobles when I leave. Dennis, however, will be in the city, so I can hang out with his stupid ass anytime. Hahahaha.

I despair I may never improve my drawing skills. If anything, I should be spending money on a Wacom soon!!

I have no idea how I’ll afford a truck, but… I’m going to try my best and take what I can get. Maybe even a four-door car might do the trick, and then paying movers to help me with the big stuff, or renting a U-Haul. Mind you, the biggest things I would have are my speakers, my desk, and my bed. I can fit pretty much anything else in a car. Hell, in a VW Beetle!! ^_^

Wow… I haven’t updated for a while. In all actuality, it would be just about me complaining about my situation (see above) and my impatience to leave this town (see previous posts) and my job (see Office Space). It’s a communist plot, I tells ya!

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  1. How’s this for low rewards? Robbed twice within three days and no stress pay or anything! I may be forced to find something else too. But we’ll see what happens.

  2. volkswagon is good beatles are not *L* i just got my first car to *is proud* but nothing as awsome as a volkswagon

  3. I’ve worked at RS for a year and a half. I might be a lifer if I stay on until the 2 year mark. Warui… -_-

  4. Gosh, I’m still working on my first car. Hoping to make it a truck, so that Ian and I can move easily.

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