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Sato Hiroko

The HP Compaq nx9600 PZ108UA is a better choice than the Pavilion. I’d be getting a desktop replacement level notebook with a full-sized keyboard on top of that. My only gripe would be that it wouldn’t fit in my current backpack. On the other end of the scope, I’m also looking at the Dell Inspiron 9300, which has something that no other laptop in my list of preferable companies has – DVI output (other than the super-powerful XPS M170). Anyway… still mulling it over. The XPS M170 was just lowered in price too… hmm…

Still also trying to decide between Nexi and MTS. Work at Nexi was pretty crazy, but I managed to keep my call count down. Now THAT’S productivity!

Current Music: Futami Naoko – Dream a dream

Ever have a song stuck in your head for no apparent reason? Well, the song of the day that can’t get out of my head is this song from the PC bishoujo game, Kana ~Imouto~. I highly recommend the Special Sound Album CD.

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